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Varvakeios market: 42-year-old man confesses to killing 60-year-old man – what he told police – Newsbomb – News

Varvakeios market: 42-year-old man confesses to killing 60-year-old man – what he told police – Newsbomb – News

A drug addict had a relationship with the 60-year-old man He killed Within walking distance Barvecchio Market

He was arrested and made a barbaric confession murder A 60-year-old 42-year-old who was in a relationship with him. According to reports, the man who was found and arrested by police in 1981 for the gruesome murder of a 60-year-old woman who was pelted with stones from the Varvaggio market was a drug addict.

“First she attacked me, then I grabbed the knife and stabbed her,” the 42-year-old told police, reported. The police captured the footage captured by the cameras in the area and arrested the killer.

The new evidence is no coincidence 60-year-old woman murdered At the Varvakeio market that came to light. The victim’s body was identified on Wednesday, a day after she was found dead in a park opposite Varvaggio.

In fact, his murder was very violent, as the chief of the police authorities of South-Eastern Attica, G. As Kalliagmanis says, The attacker stabbed her 20 times. This, according to him, shows that the perpetrator and the victim have previous experiences and know each other.

“There was some relationship between them, whether it was romantic or otherwise, it is not yet established, although the victim knew the perpetrator. They found themselves in this hangout of drug addicts, something went wrong, he dragged her into the alley and stabbed her.”said Mr. Kalliakmanis.

The officials responsible for the investigation are thoroughly analyzing the footage recorded by the cameras in the area.

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NOTICE OF EL.AS. To solve the murder at Varvaggio

The case of the murder of a citizen in the square opposite Varwagi Market has been solved

A 42-year-old citizen was arrested in this case. The Department of Crimes Against Life and Personal Freedom of the Attica Security Directorate has solved the murder case of a 60-year-old citizen whose body was found in a square on Tuesday morning, May 23, 2023. In front of Varvagio Market in Athens.

The investigation revealed that the perpetrator is a 42-year-old citizen and was arrested today (25-05-2023) at noon in the central area of ​​Athens, with a folding knife and two knives. Possession.

To clear up the case, fingerprint verification of identity details of the unknown victim was carried out at the initial stage of investigation. This was followed by an appropriate assessment and use of informant and pre-trial evidence, and the analysis revealed the 42-year-old’s involvement in the murder.

As part of the investigation, clothes and shoes worn by the accused at the time of the murder were found and seized.

The arrested person shall be taken before the competent prosecuting officer.