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Bellator 273 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Updates | Moldovsky against Bader

Bellator 273 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Updates |  Moldovsky against Bader

Bellator 273: “Bader vs Moldavsky” is set to air today (Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022) inside the Pedestrian Center in Aris, Phoenix, headlining the heavyweight title fight between division champion Ryan Bader. Interim champion, Valentine Moldovsky. Also, in the Phantomweight division Darian Caldwell will face Enrique Barzola in a key match.

The Bellator 273 will air on ET at 10pm on the main card show. MMAmania.com Below is a full cover of the Bellator 273’s TV section and a comprehensive Play-by-Play result.

Many readers share their thoughts before, during and after fights. Feel free to comment on matches (or 273) and chat with all the other maniacs during the show – it’s always so much fun!

BELLATOR 273 Quick results:

265 lbs .: Interim champion Valentin Moldavsky vs. Ryan Bader
155 lbs .: vs. Benson Henderson. Islam Mametov – By Henderson Split-End
145 lbs: Henry Corals Against Aidan Lee – Corals by unanimous technical decision
170 lbs: Saba Homasi Against Jalil Willis – Homasi, First Round Hand Triangle Submission (Highlights)
135 lbs: Darian Caldwell Against Enrique Barzola – Barsola via Third Round TKO
185 lbs .: Dalton Rosta vs. Don Johnson – Rosta decided unanimously
155 pounds: Chris Gonzalez Against Chad Awadh – Gonzalez via First Round KO (Highlights)
205 pounds: Ben Parish Sullivan Cowley vs. Caley via First Round TKO
145 lbs: Lucas Brennan Benjamin Lugo vs. Brennan via first round submission
135 lbs: Nikita Mikhailov Against Plane shut – Mikhailov via the third round TKO


Ryan Bader Against Valentine Moldovsky

Round 1: They trade in the center of the cage and Pader rocks Moldovsky early! He pushes him against the cage, and he marks Moldovsky again and knocks him down, he’s in trouble! Moldovsky somehow shakes the spider webs and pushes the bat against the cage. He drops him down. Wow. Moldovsky seems to have calmed down as he retreated to the plate. Against the cage Moldovsky suppresses posudrase and feather against it. Moldovsky’s body shots, looking for a way out of the batter position, right from the batter when he explodes. They trade at the center of the cage and Bader now supports Moldovsky against the fence. What a round. Butter is looking for a double leg, and he dropped him on a single. When the round comes to an end they fight for the position. 10-9 Bader

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Round 2: Moldovsky throws a right hand, then a double jab. Moldovsky marked Bader with his left hook. Bader grabs Moldovsky and pushes him back against the fence. Bader lands on an illegal knee south of the border, and Moldovsky falls to his knees. Active breakdown. They start again and Moldovsky scored an early relegation. Moldovsky retrieves the batter. Fear the worst when he tries to escape. Moldovsky puts all his weight on the batter, which makes the Powerhouse wrestler tired. Moldovsky hit shots on the side of the head. 10-9 Moldovsky

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Final result:

Ben Henderson Vs. Islam Mamedov

Round 1: Big kick from Mamotov’s body. Henderson whimpered in a big right hand. Henderson’s double jab caught nothing but the wind. Mamoto’s low kick. Henderson’s low kick finds its mark. A calf kick from Henderson, Mamedov follows. Another kick from Mamtodov’s body. Mametov grabbed a “soft” grip and pushed him against the fence. Body knees from Mamedov. Henderson shoots back on his knees and shifts position, pushing Mammoth against the cage. In the fight they fell to the ground and Henderson holds a guillotine. He holds it tight. Henderson has not let up, and Mamedov is hanging on for a loving life. Mametov takes his head out, aha! Mamedov is now on Benson’s back and landing shots. Intimate, entertaining round. 10-9 Henderson

Round 2: They both kicked to start the round. Mamoto’s high kick was blocked. Lots of disappointments from both. The right hand lands the mammoth, he shoots for removal and he gets it. They roll, and Henderson somehow re-enters the guillotine, but Mamedov escapes. Mametov is now post-naked suffocation. Is tight. Henderson escapes. They are on foot again, but Mametov has not let Henderson down. “Soft” rolls well on a knee. He now has a heel hook, and Mammoth is showering strikes from above. Side control now for Mamedov. He grabbed Henderson’s back, he has a hook. Mamedov searches for the post-nude choke, Henderson fights with his hands. Henderson, carrying Mammoth and Mammoth, is now suffocating back-naked. Mamoto’s time is up. 10-9 Mamotov

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Round 3: Low kick from Henderson, another, Henderson drops another kick, which injures Mamto. They trade feet. Henderson puts his left hand down in the middle. Nice right hook from Henderson and he is stocking now. Mamedov has not yet committed any crime here. Henderson’s high kick, Mamedov is looking for a start. Mamedov went for the removal and he gets it. Fight for the position and Henderson rolls back to a knee bar. Mamedov escapes. Hammer fists from mammoth to body. Henderson tells Mamoto to hit him in the body, but the Dagestani warplane lands a big blow to his face. Henderson tries hard to get up, but Mametov has better control. Big fight, something hard to call. Mametov 10-9

Final result: Henderson Def. Mamedov by split-end

Henry Corals Against Aidan Lee

Round 1: The cores take the center of the cage and exchange feet. Kick in front of Lee Lands. Lee and Corals’ good jab marked Lee with a strong left hook, which knocks him down. However, the Corals let him go up again. Lee works thanks to his Reich advantage. Lee’s strong right hand. Lee really uses the best leg movement. Low kick from Corrales Land trying to slow down his movement. Lee’s calf kicks back into the fire. Corrals with a good shot to the body and then to the head. To Lee’s front kick chest. Lots of lateral movement from Lee. A left body kick, then the corrals with the right hand straight. Nice calf kick of Corrales buckles Lee. 10-9 requests

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Round 2: Lee does his kicking game, continues to move well, Corrales looking for an opening, trying to close the distance. Corrales with a better calf kick again, begin to take a toll on Lee. The Corals closed the distance and pushed Lee up the fence. Lea splits and goes to one leg. The Corals defended well, and Lee goes on to another demotion, no-go. Corals surround Lee and push him against the fence. Corrells is inside a guillotine, Lee struggles to get out, and eventually he exits. Lee now pushes the Corals up against the cage, they roll over, and the Corals fight over the top to submit to the rest of the round. 10-9 requests

Round 3: They meet in the center of the cage and there is a careless eye piercing after a brief exchange. Visible pain when walking around Lee cage. After allowing Lee to recover for more than five minutes, Mike Beltron ends the fight.

Final result: Corrales def. Lee by unanimous technical decision

Saba Homasi Against Jalil Willis

Round 1: Right hand from Homasi. Departed from Willis. Homasi takes Willis back, he slaps him on the canvas, and he’s on his back. They are fighting for position on the ground. Willis shows good security when Homazi is looking for an opening. Homasi turned his body, he was now looking for a hand triangle, and he had it. Willis fights it off, but Homazi holds it tight and Willis is forced to knock. Wow, what a performance of “Sleek Shake”.

Final result: Homasi Def. Willis via first round submission (arm triangle)

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