July 23, 2024

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Elections: New credits from ND for program expenses after SYRIZA – “Yes” from PASOK

Elections: New credits from ND for program expenses after SYRIZA – “Yes” from PASOK

We head to the June 25 election, with political battles over spending and tax plans over party plans.

Three weeks before the June 25 election, the parties’ economic plans and taxation plans are at the top of the political agenda, proving once again that election campaigns are nothing more than announcements, promises and trying to prove a political opponent. … an elephant.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis insisted that the SYRIZA plan will throw us “on the rocks” and that PASOK is preparing a “tax storm” for us – when and from where will Androlakis implement this from the opposition? – Alexis Tsipras took up the “gauntlet” and called on the leader of the New Democracy to go to the State General Accounting Office, “spend our programs and go to a televised confrontation the next day”. Why SYRIZA’s president has not forgotten the debate with Mitsotakis…

PASOK, however, has long borne the cost of the parties’ programs, Mr. Before Mitsotakis could propose it at the six-leaders’ debate, he was asked to address the parliament’s budget office.

However, on the ND side, after Tsipras’ much-loved “Yes” and Nikos Androlakis’ positive attitude, the “war” of declarations is now being observed by Skertsos, the representative who claims to be the Mitsotakis plan. Medium term cost through commission.

ND notifications are included in the interim, so they open up a new cycle of conflict about what costs and what doesn’t.

However, leaders would do well to remember that when parties come to power, at least 50% of the electorate does not trust them to deliver on their pre-election promises, to initiate and occupy political currents. New, so the world…

“Come with the President line”

On Friday, Kyriakos Mitsotakis remained steadfast in his accusations of a “hidden agenda” of taxes for Syriza and Pazok, while he did not hesitate to explain the well-known “President, come with me” to Bobby Sabanito. Alexis Tsipras in a speech in Thessaloniki, “President, come with the line!” Changed that.

“Whether it’s SYRIZA or PASOC, everyone in the opposition equally wants taxes. ‘The president will come with taxes’ has become ‘the president comes with taxes’. Well, we don’t want taxes, we cut taxes. We cut taxes for everyone and more as promised. But remember , we reduced taxes and at the same time achieved our fiscal goals. Because when the economy grows faster, the government has more money to support education and health,” said Mr. Mitsotakis said.

At the same time, he reiterated the need for a self-reliant government in the new democracy, urging voters to go to the polls “with the same fervor at the polls on June 25, for one simple reason.” For the “number” of the new electoral law – his own, that is – we could have more parties in Parliament, which would raise the bar for independence as a result.

“That’s why we want to be sure that after the elections next Monday, the country will finally have a stable government, with a strong majority in the parliament. I want to remind you that we would already have this stable government today if it wasn’t for the simple proportional ballot box,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

If we don’t have simple proportionality, ND would certainly not have a 40% line percentage or a 20 point difference from SYRIZA. Otherwise, he would not have made so many communication mistakes whenever he talked about building a progressive government of cooperation (see the government of losers that I didn’t do, a government with a special purpose could be discussed, or vote with tolerance two or three “cookies” are missing, etc.) And, Mr. Mitsotakis’s “ND or confusion and political incompetence” – obviously holding – doesn’t make sense.

“First for costing in GLC and later discussion”

For his part, Alexis Tsipras, who toured Western Attica, suggested that the State General Accounting Office spend on the parties’ plans and invited Kyriakos Mitsotakis – for the umpteenth time – to a debate.

“Mr. Mitsotakis and NT Syriza said that the project is not priced. So let’s go to the GLK, wherever they want. Let’s go together! You can go together to the GLK anywhere. Our plans will cost. On one condition. To put it on your feet. No. We’re going to the GLK and going to a televised showdown to discuss the next day’s events. Don’t screw up one more time!”, insisted Mr. Tsipras.

He also explained that he was not going to give up the electoral battle, but instead, he would intensify efforts until June 25 with the Syriza program as a “weapon”.

“Our resignation will be the resignation of the Greek community. That is why we are not giving up. Not only will we not give up, but we will fight until the last second,” he said, indicating that he was fully aware of the difficulties. However, as he said, “The June 25 election is not a repeat of the previous election, but a new election. “

“In elections, we have to explain that our program speech, our positions and people are not decided. Our lives are decided for the next four years. Which program and who will rule is decided,” he said.

“You represent the far right Mr Mitsotakis”

As for Nikos Androulakis, speaking in Sitia, he urged citizens to vote for PASOK on June 25, to turn the faction-loving island and Andreas Papandreou “green” again – in two of Crete’s four provinces, PASOK-KINAL emerged. The second party, Syriza, moved into third place – he again elaborated on his economic plan, as he does every day now, and reiterated that the new democracy runs on “fake news” and “Trumpism”.

Recently, he has run into trouble with the media, however, accusing him of re-creating the ND’s campaign, which he once again attributed to “ten billion direct jobs”.

However, this time, Mr. Androulakis, in the context of his personal attack on Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who, from time to time, informs us that the “real” progressive wing of the center is the ND, goes one step further. He accused the former prime minister of representing neither the center nor the right but the “extreme right”.

He explained it, talking about the “openings” made by the ND president in recent years, referring to the “orphans of Karatzaferis”, but also about the “confidence” vote he recently received from Philos Granidiotis.

At the same time, he reiterated his goal to find PASOK in the parliamentary seats of the official opposition party, saying, “A strong PASOK means that Mr. Mitsotakis will once again find his real enemy in parliament and in the movements. Not the opposition that lost the Greek people four whole years.”

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