April 24, 2024

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Elena Tsagryno is pregnant – Tender Post

Elena Tsagryno is pregnant – Tender Post

Elena Tsagryno and DJ Stefan are preparing to welcome their first child in the coming months. Advertisement of the singer on Instagram.

And there was a particularly pleasant surprise for her online friends Elena TsagrynoShe announced that she is expecting her first child Her partner is DJ Stefan.

Famous singer The happy news was revealed She posted a video of the ultrasound on her personal Instagram account.

the Elena Tsagryno He even admitted that he had one Removal In the previous months, but she and her partner did not give up.

The moment we have been waiting for so long to share with you has arrived. That with a lot of effort and 10 months of patience, refraining from all manifestations of liveliness, immobility, dizziness, and more, fortunately We were able to stabilize the baby.

Me and Kostas We are expecting our first child with such joy And appreciation because just a few months ago we felt bad about it miscarriage Which was violent to us and stigmatized us.

But we didn't stop there. We had a big fight for 10 months.

There is a lot of discussion with mothers like you as well as with those of us who have gone through the feeling of “miscarriage” and felt disappointed for a brief period.

I wish your dream comes true“, writes Elena Tsagryno.

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