April 13, 2024

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I followed him and saw him before he “left”, he saw me and smiled at me

I followed him and saw him before he “left”, he saw me and smiled at me

“I expected my father to leave, but you were not prepared for that at all,” an emotional Giorgos Parachos said.

Giorgos Parachos interviewed Maria Papaioannou on “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet”. The actor talked about television, his separation from his ex-wife, his daughter, and the loss of his father.

“I miss TV but I refused 'stupid' roles. I won't do TV just to be on screen. One time they asked me to play a gymnast and say 5-6 lines. Of course I said no. A lot of money on TV is only for the lead actors, but for the roles Others don't get a lot of money. “Those who got the lead roles actually took the role over the phone,” Giorgos Parachos said at the beginning.

Then Giorgos Parachos said: “My ex-wife and I have not divorced yet. It will happen at some point. We live separately and continue our lives. There was no third party between me and my ex-wife. We decided to separate for the sake of our daughter. When my daughter came and saw me in the theatre, I said, “Oh my God, no, I'm going to be an actress.”

In conclusion, Giorgos Parachos “broke down” as he spoke about the loss of his father: “I was expecting my father to ‘leave’ but you were never prepared for that. Fortunately I managed to catch up and saw my father before he ‘left’. He also saw me and smiled at me.”