July 22, 2024

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Eleni Hatzidu: The results of the tests that her daughter, Melita, carried out

Eleni Hatzidu: The results of the tests that her daughter, Melita, carried out

They were in the hospital a few days ago Eleni Hatzidu And Eteocles Buffalo with their daughter honey.

Their daughter was complaining of lower back and back pain, so the family visited a doctor for a check-up.

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Eleni Hadzidou – The message on Instagram after her daughter Melita’s exams

On Friday afternoon 4/21 Eleni Hatzidu She shared on her personal Instagram account and shared with her followers the results of her daughter’s tests.

“Dear ones, thank you very much for your concern, your positive energy and your love. We know how much Militaki you carry in your heart. The opinion is good, everything is quite clear, perfect. Our doctor has not seen the results yet, but you know, from a preliminary point of view, everything seems clear Absolutely and the child does not seem to have anything.

Therefore, we exclude childhood arthritis. So we are very happy. Now let’s see why it hurts so much. I don’t know what explanation the doctor can give. We really thank you very much for your interest. Have a great time, have a great weekend, do the things that fill you up, and be happy and healthy. she said “thank you very much” Eleni Hatzidu on instagram.

See in the next video what she said Eleni Hatzidu to her daughter Mleeta:

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