June 25, 2024

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She revealed that she had an autoimmune disease

She revealed that she had an autoimmune disease

the Gianna Tarazi Not long ago he talked about it Autoimmune Diseases affected without providing further details.

Through her Instagran Stories, the singer revealed that she suffers from hives and posted a photo showing the marks on her legs.

“Did you know about autoimmunity? This is it. Urticaria ”. Excellent written by Giana Tarazi.

What is urticaria?

Urticaria is an allergic reaction of the skin to various external or internal stimuli. These stimuli cause a characteristic rash, which is described scientifically as a “bump”, which is a swelling of the skin, with a more intense red color at the periphery and fainter in the center of the lesion.

The term urticaria comes from the ancient Greek word “knidis” meaning nettle, precisely because contact with the skin of nettle causes a similar reaction in human skin. Because of the pain it often causes in the tendons and joints, urticaria patients often turn to orthopedic surgery rather than dermatological assistance, which is ineffective in relieving symptoms.

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