June 23, 2024

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Eleni Karakasi: How do you respond to the rumor of her suicide attempt?

Eleni Karakasi: How do you respond to the rumor of her suicide attempt?

Eleni Karakasi in an interview about meeting her husband and motherhood.

“I met my husband at an audition for a music group in Aegina. While preparing for my wedding, I took a shower with ice water, and my mother had forgotten to turn on the water heater. I dyed myself at my wedding because the girls were in the series.

I was taken to the operating room, and something was very bad with my gynecology. The “baby birth” chapter is over, but the motherhood chapter is not closed for me. “The ‘Adoption’ class is open, but there are very few participants, and it takes at least three years,” Eleni Karakasi said at the beginning.

Rumor has it I want to kill myself

Regarding the rumors that he hears from time to time, he confirmed, “There was a rumor that I wanted to kill myself when the entrance door was blocked and hanging from the window between the floors. They said in the place that I tried to commit suicide and that I jumped from the balcony because my husband locked me up. It was crazy when a journalist wrote “May God have mercy on her. I suffer from anorexia nervosa. My mother and brother were afraid.”

Its technical plans

“In the winter next year, I will be with Emilios Chialakis again in the theatre. “In the summer we start concerts with Makis Dellaporta, it is a magical feeling when people sing with you in the show,” he added.