June 23, 2024

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An independent investigation into what happened at Eurovision 2024

An independent investigation into what happened at Eurovision 2024

An independent investigation into the circumstances at Eurovision 2024 is expected to be conducted within the next few days. The original investigation was initiated by the European Broadcasting Union itself, following several complaints of an unsafe atmosphere at the event held in Malmö, Sweden.

More specifically, the independent investigation will include interviews with missions participating in the past competition. In fact, participants can share their experiences anonymously. Several countries, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and Greece, as well as winning Switzerland, reported that the atmosphere surrounding the song contest’s scenes, as well as their working conditions, were unsafe. In total, more than 13 complaints were filed from different delegations after the song competition.

The European Broadcasting Union itself confirmed this news: “The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) seeks to continually improve its services and events. To further strengthen the Eurovision Song Contest, we asked an independent expert to look into the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö to share knowledge and lessons learned with the governing bodies of the European Broadcasting Union, and support the continuous improvement of the global competition.».

Dutch state broadcaster AVROTROS is currently reviewing its response to the independent investigation. We remind you that the Netherlands was eliminated from the competition a few hours before the final, after an episode with a photographer behind the scenes. Earlier that week, the Netherlands filed two complaints with the EBU about the unsafe atmosphere behind the scenes.

Finally, Norwegian broadcaster NRK reports that it has already shared its experiences with experts. Based on the words of the Head of the State Mission, Norway wants to participate in Eurovision 2025, but appropriate measures must be taken.

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