June 23, 2024

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Gomenides: “Liagas and Antona are a couple”

Gomenides: “Liagas and Antona are a couple”

What Nasos Gomenides said about the joint appearance between Antonas and Liagas / Super Katerina video

He sparked media interest by publishing a photo with him Giorgos Liagas And the Maria Antona To sit side by side in a popular hangout in Vouliagmeni.

Giorgos Liagas – Maria Antona: Their joint appearance in Vouliagmeni

Posted by nassosblog, where Nassos Goumenidis claims that these two are together.

“I have more evidence, and I will get it out over the weekend,” he said. To see that the children are actually a couple. Some people said how do you know if they’re loitering? “I’ll show you on Saturday that it’s not just a company.”Nasos Gomenides said on the Super Katrina programme.

New Liaga Antunas: “Leave them together, what’s your problem?”

However, Giorgos Liagas did not make any comments on the “To Proinono” program about the issue, even when Mauricios Mauricio mentioned it.

“It’s not possible for someone from the media, you, George, who I’ve been reading since the morning, that you went out there for a walk with a girl…so this, so…can’t anyone choose what to do and with whom to go out? Can you? Should the other person come out and say what they want?he said, with Giorgos Liagas leaving the matter unaddressed.

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