June 25, 2024

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A departure that was celebrated as European

A departure that was celebrated as European

Giannis Kurtoglou is the player who left the Masterchef team before the start of the semi-finals. Needless to say, what happened on Twitter (X).

The final test is to let it flow naturally Chef It was about creating a star-winning chef Michelinwhich included non-potato gnocchi among other things.

For the chefs to give the contestants two hours, you can understand what was involved in the creativity. However, the final six finalists are now known and they do not include Yanis Kurtoglu!

Here’s the not-so-great public reaction to x (Twitter)Who celebrated this departure as if it were a European Cup won by a Greek team – photos that we recently obtained.

Historically, in Star’s 8 Masterchefs, this director is the only director who has no parting tears. I swear she didn’t cry tears of joy.

Professor, forward

Anyone who feels this way can also see the judges’ scores on their plates Christine, John And NikosIn addition to the players’ comments on what the experts told them.

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In the same video, what was said after he learned of Giannis’ departure. the Leonidas Kotsopoulos He told him that “The position you are leaving may not distinguish you as a chef. We have seen excellent things from you. We have to admit that overall you were one of the champions of this year’s competition.”».

Giannis thanked him and said, “It was an amazing experience. I will miss some things, like laughing and playing with the kids in the kitchen and at home.”

Lefteris commented on this by saying:Everyone can interpret every moment they live as they want. John has memories from home that he can translate in a way that remains for him enjoyable moments».

Kurtoglu also thanked the guys from Cue for “standing by my side long enough” (their souls know it, John) and invited them to appear in front of the camera for the first time.

Sophocles, one of the two people whom Yannis accompanied on this road, had to say:They say a house without Giannis doesn’t make a difference. I generally disagree with this statement. We won each other over, even though we found ourselves struggling. Of course, no matter where you get it, you won’t find any hair. We will discover that he will be more relaxed and much better than Giannis, as he was sometimes in the competition».

In front of his friend, he wishedTo find out the balances that were not found hereHe responded with verses from a poem.

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Lefteris had nothing to say to Giannis. “I’m not keeping anything from him. I didn’t get anything. What I knew was that there would be people I wouldn’t be good with, and we wouldn’t be a good fit for them. It’s a very natural thing in life,” he gestured.

Before leaving, Giannis said he would leave happy, full, happy, calm “I have things to do outside. It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey. It was great. I met you.” He began to read more verses from the poems until he headed to the door.

In the end, I leave it more to the point you made about Costas realizing that Cristina is a good cook.

After four months, Masterchef enters the final stage and tonight at 21:00 we will see the first stage of the semi-finals taking place in Lesvos.