June 25, 2024

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Elisavet Spano: The singer was born

Elisavet Spano: The singer was born

the Elizabeth Spano She welcomed her first child on Friday, May 31.

The singer became a mother for the first time and announced this through a post on her Instagram account.

More specifically, she uploaded two photos with her newborn daughter from the maternity ward and wrote, among other things:We did it…girl. There was a big hug around us…there was a web of protection, love and support all this time for me and this wonderful creature who had come into the world! In another place he said:Mom… Dad… I wish I could stand by my daughter with the care and love you gave her!”

Then he thanked the medical staff and the hospital.

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Regarding the father of her child, the singer had stated months ago that she did not believe she had to submit a public report, stressing that she had the right not to disclose it.

As he said on the breakfast programme: “I understand that this is the first question that comes to anyone’s mind – objectively, I don’t blame them – when they see a pregnant woman. No one knew how I got pregnant because I keep my personal life private. I accepted this question. It bothered me that in the same period I saw many “Women who have given birth have never been asked this question on air, so I felt it was unfair in some way to be asked. ‘I don’t want to say who these mothers are.’ He added:

“The other piece is selective attention. We deal with who my partner is and at the same time the other one is beating his wife in the apartment next door and no one cares, which I consider hypocritical and nasty. I don’t think I should make a public report because obviously there is a reason and it may or may not be This reason is too serious for me to want to protect this thing.”

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