June 23, 2024

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Jennifer Lopez: She canceled her summer tour

Jennifer Lopez: She canceled her summer tour

the Jennifer Lopez She has been in the spotlight recently, mainly due to her personal life and relationship with him Ben Affleckwith rumors that the much-discussed couple is not going through their best phases and is going through a period of crisis.

In contrast to all this, the couple appeared in a new joint public appearance, as they were seen together at the graduation ceremony of Affleck’s eldest daughter.

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After the release of her new movie Atlas, in which she performed solo for the first time, and while fans were waiting to see her on her summer tour This Is Me… Live, the Latin star announced that she was canceling her tour because she wanted to spend time with her children and was “sad” about her decision.

I am absolutely devastated that I let you down. Please know that I will only do this if I feel it is absolutely necessary. I promise I will make amends and we will all be together again. I love you all so much. Until next time…“, Jennifer Lopez wrote in her message to her fans.

But the news is as it was reported diverseThis was not a huge surprise as the tour did not see the ticket sales that organizers had hoped for.

In fact, after canceling seven tour dates, in cities such as Cleveland and Nashville, possibly due to declining sales, Lopez in April renamed the tour “Quietly” and from “This Is Me… Now” to “This Is Me.” ..Live | most popular”.

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the Perhaps the rebranding signals a ‘turn’ Lopez on tour Instead of focusing on songs from her new album, she covered her entire albums, thus attracting more fans.

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Various media reports indicated that Lopez’s need to spend some time with her family and children comes amid the announcement of her and her husband’s divorce, although neither of them confirmed anything.