June 19, 2024

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Vaso Laskarakis: “The knot reached the comb, and my weight increased”

Vaso Laskarakis: “The knot reached the comb, and my weight increased”

Popular actress Vaso Laskarakis was invited to the program “All About Our Vita Life”, where she talked about her eating habits and the periods when she witnessed changes in her weight.

As the beloved actress mentioned, her arrival in Athens and her increasing professional commitments led to a change in her diet.

“I started to get interested after I was 30. I think coming down from Athens to Thessaloniki alone made me eat very messy and led to changes in habits. I was always cooking and baking and trying to pay attention, but the long hours on set left no time. And after the theaters “We ate late after the shows, and we couldn’t eat before,” Vaso Laskaraki noted.

“The knot has reached the comb.”

“At some point the knot reached the comb, I gained weight and began to take an interest in exercising rigorously and intensely, and then I realized that this would follow me throughout my life with breaks. I saw the results immediately, moreover, the pregnancy also worked for me and found me in an intense rhythm.” “That’s how I spent my pregnancy happily too,” Vaso Laskaraki added, talking about her eating habits.

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