June 23, 2024

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Do not participate in a morning show unless it is clear whether you will be entertaining or providing information

Do not participate in a morning show unless it is clear whether you will be entertaining or providing information

the Katrina Zarifi She gave an interview and talked about her career on television, her collaboration and the possibility of doing a show with Giorgos Liagas.

The presenter was invited to the program “Smile Again” and at the beginning she said: “I was more keen on transitioning to doing something on my own, not for the ‘Al-Darifi’ name to take over, but for the sake of making the transition and maintaining my characteristics.”

Additionally add: “I think it’s very important for the person who’s driving to keep their sense of humor, but also keep a balance.”

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As for whether she responds to the statements or messages of others, Katerina Zarifi answered in the negative, explaining that she only does so in cases of homophobia or racism.

“I’m not good at responding to someone. It’s not a matter of diplomacy, because I don’t have good relationships with those I don’t respond to. If my dignity is violated or if someone touches me that’s a red line for me, I will respond. I respond to racist and homophobic comments, “And I won’t back down.”He confirmed.

She said about her program titled “Odus Zarifi.”“I am completely against the logic of ‘we decide and order’.” I know now and I will change something I don’t like about the show. I don’t think I could do a weekday morning show. It’s a very charming area, but for me, breakfast should only be eaten if you’re clear about what you want. In other words, it should be clear whether you are providing entertainment or information.

Finally, regarding the possibility of presenting with Giorgos Liagas, he said: “I couldn’t do a show together. I agree that he’s the ‘Venice’ broadcaster, but we disagree greatly. We also have different opinions and the way we approach things.”

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