June 23, 2024

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Mimis Fotopoulos: The daughter of the great actor and artist Anna Fotopoulos has died

Mimis Fotopoulos: The daughter of the great actor and artist Anna Fotopoulos has died

Visual artist Anna Fotopoulou has died at the age of 76.

She was the eldest daughter of the great actor Mimi Fotopoulos and Margarita Tsala.

He made the sad announcement through a Facebook post published by the “Hellenic Cinema” account.

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“The visual artist Anna Fotopoulos, the first daughter of the unforgettable actress Mimi Fotopoulos and Margarita Tsala, has passed away at the age of 76. Our heartfelt condolences to her family.”

“Farewell” by artist Natalia Rasouli

Musician and performer Natalia Rasouli wrote on Facebook: “One of our sweetest creatures passed away today… our friend and neighbor Anna Fotopoulou, a wonderful artist, fighter, full of kindness and a rare sense of humor, daughter of the late Mimi.” Fotopoulou…My heartfelt condolences to her children and family…You were in a hurry, dear Anna….”

The exhibition, running for the position of municipal councilor and Al-Marousi, which… completely entered the heart of her late father

Anna Fotopoulou lived permanently in Marosi and was involved in the visual arts. He also set up a gallery but it closed in the midst of the financial crisis. She mentioned in a previous interview that after her father’s death, she organized exhibitions in Athens and Thessaloniki of Mimi Fotopoulos’ works, the last of which was at the Nikaia-Rentis Art Gallery.

About how they ended up living as a family in Marosi, she described: “In 1948 (Q: Mimis Fotopoulos) he came to Marosi with his mother and brother. From then on he started to love Marosi very much. When he decided to buy a house, he wanted to buy it in Marosi.”

As Anna said, all the houses at that time were in the center, but this is something that Mimis Fotopoulos did not take into consideration, since the city of Amarusio entered his heart completely.

Anna Fotopoulou lived to the end in the northern suburbs. It is noteworthy that she ran for membership in the municipal council in the 2019 municipal elections for the “Maroussi United” bloc.