April 24, 2024

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Elizabeth Spano is pregnant – tender announcement

Elizabeth Spano is pregnant – tender announcement

Elisavet Spano announced her pregnancy and appeared for the first time with a swollen belly. The message he shared on social media.

Soon, mom Elizabeth SpanoShe is pregnant with her first child and her joy cannot be hidden.

The singer announced her pregnancy with a sweet post on her Instagram account, where she posted two pictures of herself in which she appears to have a swollen belly.

I've been thinking for a long time about what I should write… There are so many things I feel… What I think… So I'll say a little… My joy seems… I will say about that which I have not seen but which has recently overwhelmed me… my profound gratitude for the blessed gift given to me“, the singer characteristically wrote in the message to which she accompanied the post.

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Shortly before announcing her pregnancy, Elisavet Spano spoke in front of the camera of the “Mega Kalimera” program and pointed out, among other things, Egg freezing process Which he did.

“As we grow older, we all worry about ‘when will I become a mother?’ I myself wondered whether I wanted to have a child or not and as I wondered, years passed. Unfortunately, the biological clock does not work according to the emotional or mental clock, so I decided to take advantage of the option.” Medical treatment and freezing of some eggs. It's been three years now and I think it's been the greatest gift I've ever given myself. “Since then I have calmed down a lot and the way I choose my partners has also changed,” Elizabeth Spano said.

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