June 25, 2024

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Despina Moero: I am going through a personal Calvary – this child is like my child

Despina Moero: I am going through a personal Calvary – this child is like my child

In deep confession I proceeded Despina Miro, Friday morning (12/01) in front of the camera of the program “Breakfast SuSu” on the Open channel. The actress pointed to unknown aspects – until now – of her life, as well as her sister, who is on the spectrum Autism.

“I take care of my entire family. I'm going through Calvary on a personal level Which none of you know. Years have passed. I didn't say that. I have been supporting my family and my autistic sister since I was 18 years old. My dream with everything you see me doing is to build a foundation for autistic children and my request is how to train parents to raise autistic children. DrMy family can't take it anymore because my sister suffers from several syndromes at the same time as autism“I took her to Athens and showed her a new world,” said Miss Moiro. She's always been with me, because we don't leave these kids alone. At the time, I was filming with Yannis Bezos, Then in the evening I would go to the theater and take her with me on set. One time an autistic child asked me to make love. Through a chance meeting with a friend who had an autistic nephew, I remember we went out for a meal and then fell in love. He came and proposed to me and they got engaged. They have been together for 4-5 years, engaged, They broke up shortly before and after I left for America After I left, I took the child upstairs and left for foreign countries.”

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Today our relations are excellent. This child is like my child. That is, I did not have children, and God did not bless me with children. I am responsible for one child, as if I had ten children. Our house burned down because someone gave a sick child duties and responsibilities while the child was sick. My partner is an angel!” Then the actress said.