June 23, 2024

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Why Meghan Markle always wears very long dresses and trousers – and why she hides her legs

Why Meghan Markle always wears very long dresses and trousers – and why she hides her legs

Meghan Markle’s style – undoubtedly gorgeous – has changed quite a bit since she was a member of the royal family. But why does the Duchess of Sussex no longer show her legs and wear long dresses?

On the couple’s recent “royal” visit to Nigeria to attend the Invictus Games, a new trend seemed to have emerged in Meghan’s clothing as she chose to wear pants, skirts and dresses that seemed too long on her.

Instead of going to a tailor to have her long clothes tailored to fit her 1.67″ tall woman, the Duchess wore clothes that undoubtedly added to her elegant style, but also dragged on the floor as she walked.

And if you think that she either didn’t have time to get it done or that it was a strange mistake on the incredibly elegant Duchess, one fashion expert believes that it must have been a conscious decision on her part to create a certain illusion. .

Meghan Markle at Variety’s Power of Women Awards / Photo: AP

Meghan Markle’s style choices on her recent trip to Nigeria

But let’s go to Meghan and Harry’s “royal” tour of Nigeria. There, the Duchess of Sussex showed off many such examples, including in Abuja, where she chose a red silk Windsor gown, which cost £1,106. The company’s designer, Heidi Merrick, offers her clients the ability to customize their pieces, something Megan was reluctant to take advantage of.

Likewise, in Lagos, Meghan chose to wear a Carolina Herrera canary, which can be seen in photos of her dragging her back on the grass.

Meghan Markle wears the Carolina Herrera Canary dress/Photo: Instagram/meghan.markle.official

Why does Meghan Markle cover her legs?

So, according to famous fashion designer Rochelle White, the Duchess of Sussex will likely wear long clothes that cover her legs because they give the illusion of length.

She also said: “Long dresses and pants, depending on body type, can help lengthen and shape the body. “It can make you look taller, and depending on the style it can help pinpoint areas of the body you want to highlight or cover.”

She followed the same pattern in Frankfurt last summer at the Invictus Games again, where she opted for a brown ensemble consisting of a chocolate-coloured top and brown floor-length trousers.

Meghan stood next to Harry – who is 1.80 meters tall – and although she barely reached his shoulder, Rochelle says she looked taller due to her choice of clothing.

She said: “Looking at Meghan, I think these styles make her look taller and accentuate her figure. I feel like she knows her body and the things or items that suit her best and she takes advantage of that with her look.”

Kate and Meghan: comparing the two women

As for the comparison between Meghan and Kate’s style, the designer pointed out that the Princess of Wales chooses more traditional clothes.

“Meghan has a more modern approach when it comes to her style. Kate is very classic and elegant in her style with traditional pieces. With Meghan, I feel like she’s being herself and having pieces that highlight her personality and personal style. With off-the-shoulder tops, shorts, coordinating tops and racer-back tops, she doesn’t She hides what she likes and what suits her.

While Kate Middleton tends to wear dresses and shorts, Meghan’s style is more relaxed and personal.

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