May 18, 2024

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ELTA CEO Giorgos Konstantopoulos has resigned over the Patsys case – on ethical grounds

ELTA CEO Giorgos Konstantopoulos has resigned over the Patsys case – on ethical grounds

Giorgos Konstantopoulos has resigned from the position of Managing Director of ELTA for reasons of fitness in connection with the Patsys case.

He subsequently resigned Delete Andreas Patsis from ND and his statement Syriza Press Representative Nassos Eliopoulos, who denounced the now independent member of the Griffina Parliament for direct assignments within two years of Kyriakos Pierrakakis via ELTA.

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With regard to ELTA, competent sources in the Ministry of Digital Governance indicated that ELTA SA is not under the supervision of the Ministry, but has been owned by Superfund for several years.

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On the occasion of SYRIZA’s announcement regarding the fees paid by the Greek Post Office to ND MP Andreas Patsis for Legal Services, ELTA states that:

The Greek Post Office has entered into a cooperation agreement with the international law firm DLA Piper UK LLP, to represent it in European institutions and in particular at the Commission and DG Comp. Cooperation with the International Law Office, which has considerable experience and expertise in the above matters, has become necessary due to the need for systematic support of ELTA in specialized matters of European Law, Competition, Catholic Services, etc. Which resulted from the start of implementing the company’s transformation procedures in 2021.

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In particular, the services for which the contract has become necessary:

  1. Legal representation and support for cases of European law, competition law and state aid law, in relation to proceedings before the competent independent European Commission and other European administrative authorities and/or European courts, including but not limited to:
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– Full processing of Case SA.57982 for the European Commission’s approval of a compensation procedure for damages arising from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Full processing of Case SA.57538 before the European Commission and/or the European Courts in relation to a complaint relating to any government assistance in favor of ELTA.

– Full processing of Case SA.56616 for the European Commission’s approval of a universal service compensation measure and any relevant subsequent action.

Providing legal services for any matter related to the above.

The term of the agreement is indefinite, it is billed monthly and in any case until the cases related to the above services are completed.

Services are priced based on official DLA Piper price lists. Invoice amounts are sent for payment from the premises of the company and its financial services, for which payment is also made. It should be noted, moreover, that all payment decisions have been published on the Internet “Transparency Program”, in the context of Law 3861/2010 and Law 4727/2020.

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Accordingly, there is no doubt about the independent charge of Hellenic Post for Mr. Patsis, the legal representative of the DLA Piper in Greece. Any fees for him are determined by the context and terms of his cooperation with the law firm, and are paid by him, and of course not by the client concerned.

However, for reasons of personal integrity, the General Manager of ELTA, Mr. Georgios Konstantopoulos, submitted his resignation to the General Manager of EESYP SA, Mr. Grigoris Dimitriadis.

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Announcing the Superfund:

The Super Fund states in its announcement:

“As soon as the reports on the ELTA case became known, the Superfund immediately took the necessary measures in order to investigate all aspects of the case. Subsequently, it received the letter of resignation of General Manager Mr. Giorgos Konstantopoulos on ethical grounds.”

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Earlier, in her announcement regarding Andreas Patsis, SYRIZA noted:

“Mr. Patsis is not only getting rich on bad loans which he bought at 1/15 of their value for €4.3 million, which he cannot justify due to his involvement, but it seems that he has made it through direct appropriations within two years of Mr. Pierrakakis through ELTA More than 1 million euros for legal advice. The looting of public money by “excellent” Mr. Mitsotakis is unprecedented. The dismissal of Mr. Pierakakis and Mr. Patsis is the bare minimum that should be done. Then we wait for Mr. Mitsotakis to answer why the looting was covered up. his elect for several days.”

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