April 18, 2024

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“Emptying” Syriza to Apostolakis: “These are his personal views” – Newsbomb – News

“Emptying” Syriza to Apostolakis: “These are his personal views” – Newsbomb – News

Its sources Syriza They quote the former defense minister. “These are personal opinions and are off limits.”

SYRIZA “Emptys” Evangelos Apostolakis for supporting ND “rebels” in second round of self-rule elections.

Admiral’s… after the storm Apostolakis Oh about that Syriza Whether to support his “rebels” or not New MunicipalityKIn the second round of the Swarajya elections, the proportions came, officially Koumoundurau.

Its sources Syriza They quote the former defense minister. “These are personal opinions and are off limits.”

“Not for the blue rebels. Yes to progressive candidates. Everything the party leader said on election night was valid.”They specifically stated.

Apostolakis: Admiral ND created “sea” with Syriza line for rebels

Earlier today the Evangelos Apostolakis His comments to Action 24 about the position SYRIZA will take in view of the second round of local elections with New Democracy’s “rebels” caused a stir.

The State Member Nothing was done to an opposition official speaking on an Action 24 programme “Announcements” made by Syriza For the support that was there, when a journalist of the channel pointed out There is no official Kaszelagi position For that matter, he tried to put it together.

“In Thessaloniki, I don’t know if it was announced, we support Mr. Angeloudis, Athens, Mr. Doukas and from there, we will see where we can help in each region…” “And the ND rebels?” That first Mr. Apostolakis said he wanted to be heard by a journalist.

“We will do wherever necessary…”, Mr. Apostolakis said, while the journalist continued “Is it Konstantinos Moutzuris (North Aegean), Giorgos Amanaditis (West Macedonia), Yiannis Trebeklis in Ionian…?”, The retired admiral noted: Naming the insurgents as New Democracy, it is strange that a touch of color falls on that part.

Mr. Apostolakis was asked a third time: “Would you support the rebels against official ND candidates?”To answer: “I have not consulted anyone, I do not know the official positions, what I am telling you is what I have already declared. Let’s see from there… these have been announced. Mr. Kasselakis came out and said who he supports.”

The reporter came back and asked: “Yes, but Mr. Kasselakis has not come to say he supports the New Democratic rebels. And the question is, would you go with an official line like this, if there is one, is it usually decided by party organizations like Syriza?”

At this stage Mr. Apostolakis gathered his wits as he noted: “Look, in every case, in every district, we consult with local organizations, we will see there what we will support and what we will do. The thing about the people who are there and the advisers… I don’t have the exact picture to give you right now, but I think we have space to support… These will be announced, they will be announced in due course. .”

Check out his video Action 24:

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