December 9, 2023

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Let’s remember him and live…

Let’s remember him and live…

By Kostas Stupas

SYRIZA: Let’s live in his memory…

The results of the recent municipal and regional elections did not register any significant change in relation to the geography created by the last parliamentary elections.

New Democracy strengthened its profile as the sole ruler of the political scene.

SYRIZA seems to be recording losses on the right and the left. PASOK improved its image, but without showing any dynamics of changing data in the center-left…

KK has strengthened its position due to leaks from SYRIZA, but as it is a sterile political organization, it does not threaten to create upheavals on the political scene with a malign discourse.

The extreme right has not shown any momentum beyond the momentum recorded in the last parliamentary elections.

The problem with establishing the absolute sovereignty of the new republic was the incubation of arrogance and laxity common in similar situations.

Mr. The recent combination of political capital available to Mitsotakis and the New Democracy is offered to accelerate and deepen some reforms.

The fact that this effort is happening… Such a bet is that Mr. Hatsitakis (where he quits) comes to the Ministry of Finance with the aim of fighting tax evasion…

The question at this point is, to what extent can tax evasion be combated due to the structure of the Greek economy with a large number of small businesses and independent professionals operating at marginal or negative profit margins?

As the international situation continues to deteriorate, the government must focus even more on education, public order and especially national security.

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The government is in no danger of expanding and consolidating the influence of its vision on the wider public, unless the extreme right can find a figure with less evil characteristics than those already present.

Mr. in PASOK. Androlakis or Mr. It does not appear to be at risk from the center-left as Kassalakis’ details have not reached the New Democracy-dominated public around the center…

Of course, we’ll get a fuller picture in a few months when the European elections register a new political geography.

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