July 14, 2024

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Ergin Ataman’s Panathinaikos AKTOR once again gave color and pulse to OAKA

Ergin Ataman’s Panathinaikos AKTOR once again gave color and pulse to OAKA

Panathinaikos Aktor ended his three successive home trebles on the right note, confirming that they are on a continuous upward trajectory. Mental readiness, which was confirmed by making free kicks, impressive percentages, and Plan B in the second half. Alexandros Trigas writes.

3/3 In Ouaka, it was the goal of Panathinaikos Aktor after the brace he scored two weeks ago at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. After all, it was the way the program was structured that gave the Greens the opportunity to pounce on the gas.

If they are the ones they should be, otherwise the “good program” will go for a walk and develop into a big wound for Ergin Ataman’s team. That’s why, after the final, the Greens had every reason to smile widely and celebrate with the team world, while improving their winning streak at the same time.

Mental preparation brought good proportions

To be honest, 9/13 three-pointers per 13 minutes is not… normal. This is something that happens from time to time, but rather arises as a condition that gives the trigger for water to enter the groove.

But the problem is how these shots came. Through aggression (mainly from Kostas Slokas) in the pick-and-roll. Valencia is a team that prefers to protect its racket (at all costs) and gamble on the opponent’s three-pointers. Panathinaikos AKTOR was ready to take advantage of the given situation, trying to create an imbalance in the opponent’s defense very early after the pick-and-roll.

Primarily Kostas Sloukas (and Jerrian Grant secondarily) attacked the Spanish team’s fence, stepped on the opposition’s racket, and now had a visible line of sight to find his free teammate. Almost all shots were made in good conditions, through the flow of the attack and thus increasing the chances of hitting the target. As it happened.

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Full seat value

The positive thing for Ergin Ataman is that throughout the first half, those who came off the bench continued to perform at the same level as those who started the match (Kostas Sloukas, Jerrian Grant, Marius Grigonis, Dinos Mitoglou, Matthias Lesueur).

Lefteris Mandzoukas’ 3-pointers at the end of the first half were not just the icing on the cake, but confirmation that the bench can be decisive in the EuroLeague.

Plan B in the context of work

At the start of the second half, Panathinaikos Aktor appeared again ready to adapt to the circumstances. Since at some point in the second half, the insistence of three-pointers led to a loss of rhythm (note: 9/13 Three-pointers led to some hasty choices and allowed Valencia to take a slight lead midway through the second quarter), Ergin Ataman’s players came out of the locker room, on the verge of Fully prepared to implement Plan B on the way to implementation.

how; With Mathias Lesure cutting much faster to the opponent’s racket so that he gets the ball right after the screen at the top. Kostas Sloukas very quickly gave him the possessions he needed to irreparably hurt Valencia’s defense and also to enter the game more dynamically (11 points in the second half).

The explosion at the end has an explanation

Somehow, Panathinaikos Aktor made it four wins in a row, as the fans enjoyed what they saw in the stadium. Something that has been happening for several years. Hence the noise at the end of the match and the mini-celebration held for the team’s players in front of the organizers’ horseshoes.

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Let’s not lose sight of what has happened before for the Panathinaikos organization in previous years, which is that the relationship between the platform and the playing field has changed greatly. All of this is rebuilt day by day, game by game.

For Panathinaikos AKTOR to rebuild its program and culture in order to demand a return to the top, is something Ergin Ataman repeatedly mentions.

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