May 21, 2024

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ESIEA supports Liaga after Kuya’s attack

ESIEA supports Liaga after Kuya’s attack

ESIEA issued a statement following the attack launched by Alexis Kougias against Giorgos Liagas, whom he described, among other things, as a scoundrel and dangerous, even asking the ownership of ANT1 to fire the presenter.

“What a shame and what dangerous person for the Greek family and for Greek society is this TV subject called Giorgos Liagas? This TV subject who in my opinion has received a very ‘fat package’ for saying what he says and doing what he does regarding this political subject called Kasellakis and who in Within a few months with male and female TV subjects of Liaga, Alexis Kogias, among others, said in his statement: “We are trying to change our lives and the lives of the Greek family, it has crossed all limits.”

ESIEA Declaration

“The ESIEA Board once again rejects the unethical, insulting and unacceptable descriptions of Mr Alexis Kougias, this time aimed at colleague Giorgos Liagas.

Board of Directors ESIEA declares that it supports the colleague in any legal action he chooses to defend his rights, against Mr. Coggia,” reports ESIEA.

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