April 13, 2024

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Etolokarnania: an unknown valley with a spectacular waterfall

Etolokarnania: an unknown valley with a spectacular waterfall

Photo credit: APE-MPE

A little paradise for nature lovers, a well-hidden secret, an unexplored valley with waterfalls and lush vegetation hides the foothills of Mount Arakinthos opposite Idoliko.

“The valley is monitored by the Messolonghi National Park Management Unit of OFYPEKA, as the entire area is protected”, APE-MPE report. Lambros HarelosMember of Environmental Awareness Department of “Idolico” Association and points out that this place has many beautiful places to highlight.

Entering the unknown valley of Paleorolagas, The sound of running water is heard. A pair of Golden Eagles, flying over steep cliffs. Lambros explains that they are the only pair in the area and says there are rock-chirnines and some eagles.

Etolocarnania - valley
Photo credit: APE-MPE

The rock formations are impressive. It is an awe-inspiring rock image. As we pass through the valley We encounter streams and small waterfalls while spotting loggerhead turtles next to the trail.An endemic species in our country which is protected.

See you on the way Remains of water mills was in that area before. They are dilapidated stone buildingsIt tells the history of the place to the walker.

Edolokarnania - valley
Photo credit: APE-MPE

The sight of an unknown waterfall in the heart of the valley is impressive. The water falls rapidly from a height of about 20 meters and forms a small blue-green lake. The environment releases a healing energy.

The Valley of Paleorolagas, although widespread in the protected area, has not been studied. For nature lovers or trekkers, the path between the rocks and the waterfall is a revelation.

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