April 19, 2024

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Take responsibility for the burnt school buses

Take responsibility for the burnt school buses

An organization has claimed responsibility for an unsigned arson attack on five school buses, three cars and three motorcycles in Zografou.

“Early in the morning of Thursday 14/3, we carried out an arson attack on 5 buses of the Kanasis private school on Taxilou Street in Zografou,” they initially said in their speech published on Indymedia, among others: ” resulting in total destruction of the buses and damage to the building itself. Even at the operational level, the school program was completely out of order. First, we want to make it clear that we are not in favor of private or public-public education.”

Text in detail:

In the early hours of Thursday 14/3 we set fire to 5 buses of Kanasis Private School on Taxilou Street in Zografou.

As a result the buses were completely damaged and the building was also damaged. Even at the operational level, the school program was completely disorganized. First, we want to make it clear that we are not in favor of private or public-public education.

The aim of the current education system is “domestication”, which civilizes by inculcating the values ​​and principles of the dominant system and produces moral slaves, loyal subjects. The teaching method is completely standardized and sterile, cut off from practical experience, geared towards the welfare of the techno-industrial system. Every trace of initiative and creativity is neutralized, making critical thinking difficult to develop and sharpen.

Another goal of the educational system is to create personalities in complete harmony with the ethical standards and norms enforced by the punishment-reward division. School directly subjects you to a predetermined lifestyle, and is given meaning by routine misery and wage-slavery.

At the same time, it forces you to conform to a model of power relations based on hierarchical figures of teachers and principals, who are then replaced by good bosses, bad politicians, judges, police, and every privileged pawn on the chessboard. of the system. This is the school which perpetuates the alienation of man and the backward form of life which it promotes. In conclusion, the school contributes to the construction of a degenerate society made up of lowly and easily manipulated citizens who settle for their decadent “lives”. These concessions and these resignations create real death for us.

For these reasons, every school, every university, every educational institution in general should be razed to ashes.

Also, we want to understand that we do not share the position of some anarchists who limit themselves to the “struggle” for “rights” granted by the state in order to taste the possibility of gaining social recognition and political influence in the university. – Political Constituencies.

The media immediately created an atmosphere of panic and the police made indiscriminate moves to vent their desperation to quell social discontent. In particular, he invaded the student residences at Olof Palm, bringing in and arresting those staying there. Later, when he found and collected things legally, he presented them with as much incriminating evidence as possible, creating a false image of “army” and “hood yafkas”. At the same time, in Thessaloniki, police raided AUTH unnecessarily, arresting 49 students in the occupied university area. In this way, the “regulators of law and order” are praised, while their actions are completely ineffective, but still manage to sway and guide the opinion of society.

State and capitalist targets are everywhere and all that remains is to continue attacking them.

Until the state, the capital, the society are completely destroyed

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