February 20, 2024

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The survivor in the first carriage engages in a titanic battle for survival

The survivor in the first carriage engages in a titanic battle for survival

He is being treated at a specialized rehabilitation center in Boston 21-year-old Gerasimos – Jason GeorgiadisThe sole survivor of the first car of a fatal passenger train that crashed into a business on the evening of February 28, 2023 TempehAnd He will have surgery next week.

According to larissanet.gr, the announcement of the operation was made by the legal representative of the family, Mr. Published by Lucas Apostolidis, who was to be briefed on the progress of the investigations by the appeals investigator at the court of Larissa today at noon. .

The A 21-year-old man with multiple injuries He is fighting to stay alive and is in stable condition.

By special flight till 110 pm. Along with Larissa and a team of scientific staff, the 21-year-old flew to America on November 18.

Medical and nursing staff from the United States were in the city of Larissa, where the preparation of Volyosyan, the only student who survived the first compartment of the passenger train, began successfully, so he traveled to Boston. Treatment in a specialized rehabilitation center.

Young Voliotis was traveling to Thessaloniki due to his studies when he was seriously injured and hospitalized in the ICU of Larissa General Hospital with brain injuries on the night of the train tragedy. For almost 9 months, he was fighting to stay alive and for a few days he was transferred to the center of Germany.

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