July 14, 2024

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Euro 2024 Belgium – Romania 2-0: “Fire” in the group of three…

Euro 2024 Belgium – Romania 2-0: “Fire” in the group of three…

Belgium beat Romania 2-0 and set fire to Group E of the UEFA Euro 2024, in which the four teams have three points each.

Group – Exciting as four teams have equal chances of qualifying in the final round! For his fifth collection Euro 2024 the Belgium He submitted the pro in the first match Romania in Toilet water With a score of 2-0, she got her first three points. Three points from the Red Devils, Romaniansthe Slovaks And the Ukrainians.

We start with… Good evening

the Belgium It came from a shock defeat against Slovakia He entered the match with Iordanescu’s team strongly. Its entirety Tedesco It only took 75 seconds to open the recording. After exceptional growth o Lukaku Put the ball on Telemanswho defeated him Nice – good With a wonderful shot from the semicircle.

the Romanians They came close to achieving an immediate equalizer in the fifth minute with a header Dragushin But no Castells “No,” she told him with admirable distaste. In the fourteenth century Banco The “stop” mode is crucial LukakuWho shot from the top of the penalty area. In the 18th minute, the Romanian goalkeeper made an excellent save on his shot Lubaki In the 30th minute, he responded again with his powerful shot Doku.

VAR “messed up” Lukaku again, and De Bruyne “pushed it away”.

Belgium continued to press in the second half in order to “end” the match. At 64 De Bruyne Get the ball out Lukaku He went to the back of the defense and won four Nice – goodBut the VAR technology “stopped” him in an offside position during the “Maestro” transfer. Belgium It remains 1-0. We remind you that two goals by the fierce striker in the match against them were canceled via VAR technology Slovaks.

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And in the 66th minute Nice – good He had an answer for his shot Lukaku In the 68th minute, Castiles blocked Mann’s shot and saved it Belgium. His goalkeeper Belgium In addition to making the decisive save, he was also… creative, as in the 80th minute with his volley. De Bruyne He turned his back to him Dragushin He scored for the 2-0 final.

Belgium (Tedesco): Castells, Vertonghen, Weiss, Castine, Tate (77′ Debast), De Bruyne, Tielemans (72′ Mangala), Onana, Doku (72′ Carrasco), Lukibaccio (56′ Trossard), Lukaku.

Romania (Edi Iordanescu): Ness, Borka, Banco, Dragosin, Raciu (89′ Sorescu), M Marin (68′ Olaro), Stanciu, R Marin, Man, Mihaela (68′ Hagi), Dragos (81′ Alibec).