July 14, 2024

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Stathis Hatzilambros was killed in a traffic accident

Stathis Hatzilambros was killed in a traffic accident

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Shock in Greek football as Stathis Hatzilambros, former footballer of Levadiakou, Pau Roof and Panilosinakou among others, was killed in a traffic accident on Sunday (23/6) in the morning.

Greek football was shocked by the news that former Levadiakou footballer, Stathis Hatzilambros, who in the past played for PAO Roof and Panelisiniakos, was murdered on Sunday morning (23/6) at the age of 26. The third national and European championship.

His current team announced they had seen it:

“The cloudiest Sunday. Not a syllable comes out of our mouths.

Shock, tragedy, crash

Unfortunately, the speaker was right. No one can catch you. He had no time to rejoice at our announcement that in a short time he would be the commander of our new target.

The Master, the son of us all, left with a strong run. On the eleven angelic days of Stathis Hatzilamboros.”.

Preliminary information indicates that Hatzilambros was killed when the car he was driving deviated from its lane and collided with an olive tree next to the road.

The 26-year-old from Thebes, whose birthday was Monday 24/6, started his career at Levadiakos and played for Thebes, Agios Airothros, Pau Roof, Panelisinakou and Ilopiakos. He has made 7 Premier League appearances all with Voiotou while at the same time playing 8 cup matches.

He played 14 times at the second national level, while in the third national team he played 82 matches and scored 14 goals.

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