July 20, 2024

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Euroleague: Team standings after the victories of Panathinaikos, Real Madrid, Fener and the “double” of Red Star

Euroleague: Team standings after the victories of Panathinaikos, Real Madrid, Fener and the “double” of Red Star

the Panathinaikos ActorUnlike the Monte Carlo race, this time it was imposed easily Monaco With a final score of 88-63 and 13-8, a record that places them in the top four with Fenerbahce. This is the third victory for “Clover” in the first 4 matches of 2024 EuroLeague. Shortly before that, Fener claimed a hard-fought 98-91 extra-time win over Bayern Munich in Istanbul. the real madrid He survived another overtime, was victorious in the Spanish “Civil War” and remained at the top of the rankings with a 19-2 record. A wonderful “double” for Red Star 76-62 from Armani headquarters.

Panathinaikos – Monaco 88-63
The three points…. The delirium of the first quarter (7/9 out of 6.75) and the shocking defense, facilitated the work of Panathinaikos, against Monaco in Ouaka, and crushed them with a score of 88-63, in the twenty-first match of the league. EuroLeague.

With their third straight win and seventh in their last eight Euroleague games, the Clover are still “hugging” with fourth place (13-8 record) and home-field advantage in the playoffs. On the other hand, Monaco suffered its tenth defeat. Panathinaikos spoiled Mike James's mind with… Good evening (he had 4 points until the 30th minute and finished the match with only 11 points) and by “bombing” Monaco from 6.75 in the first quarter they gained a safety cushion with a 15-point lead (27-12), Which was expanded by the continuation of the match during the defensive duration, the dominance of Mathias Lesueur in the opponent's racket (23p., 9r., 5as., 3kl.) and the always delicious Kendrick Nunn in the area (21p.). But the added advantage for the 'clover' is that after two wins in as many meetings with Monaco this year, they have the upper hand in a potential draw. Among Monaco, who committed 16 errors, Donatas Motijunas, who scored 13 points, was the only one who seemed to believe in the “double.”

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Quarter-finals: 27-12, 43-30, 64-44, 88-63

Real Madrid – Valencia 96-86 draw
Real Madrid went into another overtime, victorious in the Spanish “Civil War” in Round 21 of the Euroleague and maintaining the top spot with a 19-2 record. The European champions defeated Valencia 96-86 in the five extra minutes (82-82) at the WiZink Center stadium, inflicting on the “Bats” their eleventh defeat, with which they were eliminated from the top ten.

Real Madrid dominated until the 30th minute, but Davies finished from 6.75 partial score 6-15 to Valencia, with which he not only achieved the opposite, but found himself at 36 minutes +6 (64-70). However, Hezonia, Jules from the perimeter and Tavares near the basket restored order for a moment, scoring in the 3rd minute to end the match with the score 82-79. But Real Madrid were counting on Don Harper who hit an unimaginable three-pointer to tie the score at 82-82 and send the match into extra time. But in the extra five minutes, the hosts had no appetite for a new exciting match, like the last match with Anatolo Efes which was decided in 4 extra periods, and with a partial score of 14-4 they “cleaned” the match.

The leader of the winners, who saw Sergio Jol (16 points) complete 1047 matches in the Real Madrid shirt and become the first player in its history with the largest number of matches, was Facundo Campacho with 19 points and 4/6 three-pointers, while the double was double and the valuable Eddie Tavares scored 18 points and 1 possession. 19 rebounds. Brandon Davis and Chris Jones competed for Valencia with 19 and 17 points, respectively.

Ten minutes: 16-24, 35-40, 58-55, 82-82, 96-86 bar.

Armani Milano – Red Star 62-76
Thanks to a wonderful “double” in Milan, Red Star returned to winning ways, after… the slap they received from Villeurbanne. Giannis Severopoulos' team won 76-62 at Armani Stadium, in the 21st round of the Euroleague, improving its record to 9-12 and forcing the Italians to their twelfth defeat.

The amount of time the Serbs played on defense and offense in the first half gave them a safety margin of 16 points at 20 minutes (31-47) and helped them turn the rest of the match into an official affair.

Rokas Gedraitis was the top scorer for the winners with 22 points, while Giordano Bortolani surpassed Armani with 14 points.

Quarter-finals: 15-23, 31-47, 47-57, 62-76

Milano Zvezda |  Highlights of Round 21 |  Turkish Airlines Europa League 2023-24

Fenerbahce – Bayern 98-91
Fenerbahce was able to defend its stadium in overtime (81-81) against the fighter Bayern Munich, celebrating its third victory in a row and 13th place overall, keeping it in the top four. The Turkish team defeated the German team, 98-91, in the 21st round of the Euroleague, forcing the visitors to their fourth consecutive defeat and 13th place in the overall standings.

Pablo Laso's team was competitive throughout the 40 minutes, benefiting from their accuracy from medium and long range, but also through their control of the offensive rebounds, elements that allowed them… to equal the impressive performance of Scottie Wilbekin (30 points with 6/10 three-pointers). , leads the Fener attack. In fact, he was the one who scored 81-78 after an under-pressure three-pointer 10 minutes at the end of normal time, before committing a foul in Bayern's final attack and fouling Francisco's effort from goal. The 6.75 sent the opponent to the shooting line, where he scored 3/3 81-81 and took the game to overtime. But the extra five minutes turned into… a monologue by the hosts, who reached the final 98-91 with a single score of 17-10.

DeShaun Pierre, a Wilbekin support, scored 15 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, while Tyler Dorsey added 13 points. Nick Calathes was on the floor for 31 minutes with 6 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals, while Giorgos Papagiannis only played 5 minutes and held up 2 points. Silvan Francisco scored 21 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals for Bayern.

Quadrants: 22-22, 38-39, 57-59, 81-81, paragraphs 98-91

Fenerbahce - Bayern |  Highlights of Round 21 |  Turkish Airlines Europa League 2023-24

Round 21

Thursday 11/1
Fenerbahce – Bayern 98-91
Panathinaikos – Monaco 88-63
Armani Milano – Red Star 62-76
Real Madrid – Valencia 96-86 draw

Friday 1/12
Anatolo Efes – Virtus Bologna
Partizan – Maccabi Tel Aviv
Baskonia – Olympiacos
Barcelona – Zalgiris Kaunas
Vierbahn – ALBA Berlin

SAR 19-2
Virtues 14-6 (2)
Barcelona 14-6 (1)
Fenerbahce 13-8 (2)
Panathinaikos 13-8 (1)
Maccabi 12-8
Olympiacos 11-9
Monaco 11-10
Baskonia 10-10 (4)
Partisan 10-10 (3)
Valencia 10-11 (2)
Armani 9-12 (3)
Red Star 9-12 (3)
Bayern 8-13
Ephesians 7-13 (2)
Zalgiris 7-13 (1)
Villerbane 4-16
Alba 3-17
* Brackets points in matches between them

Round 22

Thursday 1/18
Anatolo Efes – Barcelona
Red Star – Baskonia
Alba Berlin – Bayern
Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv
Virtus Bologna – Velerbahn

Friday 1/19
Zalgiris Kaunas – Fenerbahce
Monaco – Real Madrid
Panathinaikos – Partizan
Valencia – Armani Milan

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