June 23, 2024

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Europa League: Maccabi cannot fly from Israel, play in the air

Europa League: Maccabi cannot fly from Israel, play in the air

Maccabi Tel Aviv is unable to travel to Belgrade on time and it is unknown how they will travel due to restrictions following the Iranian missile attacks. The match against Baskonia for seventh place in the Euroleague… is up in the air.

I played it Maccabi Opposite Baskonia To play it in EuroLeague, is currently on air. The reason is Iranian missile attacks To Israel starting Saturday evening (13/4).

Maccabi Tel Aviv had obligations to the Israeli League, Against Hapoel Holon That's why she's in her country. However, the airspace in Israel, Iraq and Jordan remains closed at the moment, and due to these restrictions, he cannot fly to Belgrade. Initially the flight was scheduled for noon on Sunday, but during their transfer Israeli mediaThis has been moved to the evening and at the club there is no worry nor any further change.

After all, Maccabi is playing its entire season in EuroLeagueBecause the war on Palestine is raging. Of course, the situation is very critical, for events that are much more important than basketball. But the Israelis do not know how they will travel to face Baskonia on Tuesday evening (4/16).

We remind you that the winner of this pair takes seventh place and from there his opponent comes out Panathenaiko.

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