June 23, 2024

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Panathinaikos – Lamia: With a Sporar-Ioannidis double and a change in formation, “The Greens”

Panathinaikos – Lamia: With a Sporar-Ioannidis double and a change in formation, “The Greens”

Fatih Terim decided to play with two attackers from the beginning of the match, starting Sporar as a duo with Ioannidis in the Lamia match and changing the formation.

by Sporar next to Ioannidis He chose a different formation and alignment Panathinaikos Opposite beast the Fateh Tarim In their fifth round match He clears his throat Ha Premier League Stoiximan.

The Turkish coach decided to use it for the second time since the beginning of the formation twice, after the first leg with PAOK in He clears his throatBut this time he changed the team's formation by playing this way for the first time. It seems that the “Greens” will move to a 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 formation, and to clarify this we will have to wait and see how the players will move on the grass.

this way condition want To reward Sporar for the winning goal he scored in the match against Arisbut also to repeat the method of play, which essentially gave him the solution for “Kl. Vikelides”, after the Slovenian striker entered the first half again with a two-forward formation and provided the solution.

Dragowski will be in the spotlight again. The trio in midfield consists of: Araw, Jedfay And Sure While on the sides will be found Kutsira And Juancar.

In the center you will compete Shereen, Pacasitas And Bernard And at the top of the attack Sporar And Ioannidis.

Panathinaikos lineup:

Dragovski, Akaidin, Jedvai, Arau, Kotsiras, Juancar, Cerin, Pacasitas, Bernard, Sporar, Ioannidis.

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