June 19, 2024

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European Elections 2024 – Final Rating: ND 27.29%, SYRIZA 14.92%, PASOK 12.79% – Newsbomb – News

European Elections 2024 – Final Rating: ND 27.29%, SYRIZA 14.92%, PASOK 12.79% – Newsbomb – News

The dominance of the new democracy that day European elections Shows the Home Ministry results with a double-digit percentage difference.

Broad success, but with losses, assured New Democracy In the 2024 European elections.

In second place is Syriza – Progressive Alliance with 14.92%, in third is PASOK – Movement for Change with 12.79%, Hellenic Solution and KKE “duel” for fourth place.

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Seven parties Elected MEPs: New Democracy, Syriza, PASOK, Hellenic Solution, KKE, “NIKI” and Pleussi Eleftherias, while the “thriller” with the voice of Aphrodite Latinopoulos prevails over whether he will get a place in the new European countries. Parliament.

Her representative Singular logic He noted that the final election results will be significantly affected by the results of postal votes that have yet to be counted.

According to the 99.90% coordination rating, the percentages of the parties in detail are:

New Democracy: 28.29%.

SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance: 14.92%.

PASOK – Change Movement: 12.79%.

Greek settlement: 9.31%.

KKE: 9.26%.

Success: 4.47%.

Freedom sailing: 3.4%.

Voice of Reason: 3.04%.

MeRA25: 2.54%.

New Left: 2.45%.

Democrats: 1.45%

Patriots: 1.41%.

World: 1.07%.

Add: 0.77%.

KIEF: 0.72%.

Electoral “map” of Ministry of Interior:

Elements at cross “war” at 86% integration

Crossroads regarding its candidates New RepublicGiorgos Autias leads so far with 297,206, followed by: Vangelis Mimarakis (248,802), Eliza Voseberg (233,962), Freddy Peleris (226,729), Eleonora Meleti (165,348), Manolis Kefnis (45.552 ) followed by Stelios Kymbouropoulos and Pyrros Dimas.

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to do SyrizaOrder of crosses: Kostas Arvanidis (147.187), Nikos Faratoris (130.286), Nikos Pappas (121.852), Elena Gountura (109.427) followed by Sophia Pecatoro and Marios Athanasiou.

In PASOKForwards in crosses: Nicos Papandreou (118,667), Yiannis Maniadis (103,942), Zakis Arnadoklou (88,556) followed by Philippos Sahinidis.

In Greek solutionLeaders: Emmanuel Fragos (106,839) and Galato Alexandraki (49,521).

In K.K.EOrder of crosses: Lefteris Nikolaou Alavanos (103.450) and Konstantinos Papadakis (101.573), Eleni Gerasimidou (52.703) appeared in third place.

to the party “victory”Nikos Anadiotis leads with 40,487 crosses, followed by Dimitris Metalinos (28,601) and Agis Selentis (19,256).

In Freedom sailingMaria Zacharia leads the way (22,227) and Kalliopi Evagelido (20,098) follows.

at The reason is the voiceAphrodite Latinopoulou appeared first in crosses with 56,568.

“Victory” was…prohibition

A low participation rate in the political apparatus poses problems European electionsJust like that 39% of Voters He went to the polling station on Sunday (09/06) and exercised his right to vote.

So great success and of these Elections once again…NeglectAccording to data from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the registered percentage is 61% – 62% to 67% of the consolidated in the region.

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