June 19, 2024

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Aphrodite Latinopoulou: Who’s Who is the vocal leader of the cause entering the European Parliament

Aphrodite Latinopoulou: Who’s Who is the vocal leader of the cause entering the European Parliament

The “Voice of Reason” party, with a percentage of 3.04%, beat the forecasts and the first official estimate of the Interior Ministry. Headquarters at the European Parliament. So Aphrodite Latinopoulou will be in the middle 21 Greek MEPs Invited to represent our country’s interests at meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg.


In His latest interview with Nautemporiki And when asked what kind of Europe he wanted, he insisted: “We want the Europe that its founding fathers promised us. A Europe of nations, which, as Schumann said, “will not be built in a day or according to a single plan”, but a Europe that will be built stone by stone. A Europe that will be economically strong. , which will protect its borders, be a pole of stability and above all a strong player in the international system, we will work in this direction.

Not the Europe of illegal immigrants, not the Europe of the Brussels elite, not the Europe of the right-wing that exclusively serves sick minorities like the LGBTI leadership that unfortunately currently leads the entire EU”.

Social, criticism and response

The 33-year-old politician has been outspoken on social media, often drawing strong reactions and criticism. Many consider his positions radical. He replied that what he primarily wanted to condemn was the new fascism in the name of political correctness and vigilante agenda.

He rejects the far-right label: “We are economically liberal and at the same time violate the values โ€‹โ€‹of homeland, religion and family, which we grew up with. So we express a center-right position, but we have no problem if they call us right-wing. But in any case we No, we don’t represent any seriousness.”

In the past, he joined politics with ND, running as a parliamentary candidate in the first district of Thessaloniki in the 2019 elections. He was not elected, and at the same time he left the party after disagreeing with the party’s key choices. He had a brief political collaboration with Konstantinos Bogdanos, with whom they clashed, eventually founding his own party. Today she is one of only two women – the leader of a party in Greece.

Her studies

He was born in 1991 in Thessaloniki, where he grew up. She has a special weakness for her parents, teachers, her two younger brothers, and her grandfather, Papa Vlasis, who hails from the uncritical Vrisica of Evros.

From an early age, he was involved in sports, especially tennis, and was successful Pan-Hellenic and Pan-European Championships, While she was a good student. Pass through Law School APTh’s 2013 without using the points he got from the championship he dropped after a serious injury, as he says.

He started working as a tennis coach at the age of 18 and worked as a lawyer until he finished law school.

In February 2018, Greece launched the “Macedonian Products Made in Greece” campaign to promote Macedonian products.