June 19, 2024

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European Elections 2024: From 7am to the polls with bicycles, children and dogs

European Elections 2024: From 7am to the polls with bicycles, children and dogs

The process of European elections in Greece is going on without problems as the polls usually open at 7am and close at 7pm for the election of the next MEPs. The first secure election assessment is expected after 21:15.

According to the first update from Deputy Interior Minister Theodoros Livanios, the process is progressing steadily in the country’s electoral divisions. He referred to the postal vote collection process and said that the process was completed and a total of 178,588 voters opted for the process, out of which 136,451 were local residents and 42,137 were foreigners.

It was announced last night that voters who did not send a postal envelope or did not arrive by the deadline could exercise their right to vote. From 11 am onwards At the polling station where they vote.

Mr. Livanios also said that a total of 18,380 polling stations were set up across the territory and were waiting for voters until 7pm when polling would close.

The deputy minister said there will be updates at 12:45, 14:45 and 17:45 with participation rates till then.

He noted that around 21:00 the first safe estimate of the election results and how many seats per party would be available.

Many people decided to go to the polling station early in the morning to exercise their right to vote and escape the heat at the same time. Some went to the polls with their children, others with their dogs, and a voter who participated in a bicycle race went to vote with his bicycle.

The electoral process in Thessaloniki was not without complications

All judicial representatives in the 1st and 2nd electoral districts of Thessaloniki are normally at their posts, while the absence of election commission members is routine without affecting the orderly functioning of the elections, according to sources in the 1st electoral offices. Commissions and B. Thessaloniki.

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The referendum began without any problems on other laws in Central Macedonia.

Where and how we vote

To find out which polling station and school campus they are voting at, citizens can visit the Ministry of Home Affairs’ website to “Find Where You Vote” (https://mpp.ypes.gov.gr) or contact phone number: 213 136 1500 daily from 09:00 to 21:00.

Voters are authorized to exercise their right to vote by showing their police identity card or relevant temporary certificate from a competent authority or their passport or driving license or personal health record of all insurance funds. Identification of personnel serving in the military and defense forces is done through their military or service identity cards.

It should be noted that any “cut” ID cards are acceptable. It can also be identified using a digital identity. EU citizens are identified on the basis of a valid identity card or a valid passport or driver’s license.

Police Identity Offices and Passport Offices across the country will remain operational till 19:00 today to serve voters.

Pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled, the sick, etc., who cannot bear to wait in long queues outside the polling stations, and those who fulfill the service requirements (armed officers, Greek, etc., guards or staff on duty at the polls), have the right to ask a representative of the judicial authority to vote. absolute priority.

Disabled and physically challenged voters in general can exercise their right to vote in a special area located on the ground floor of the polling center where service dogs (guides) for the disabled are allowed to enter.

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Voters can put up Four crosses next to their preferred candidates. However, if more than four crosses are placed, the ballot will be invalid, but will be counted in favor of admission, regardless of any optional cross.

First results at 21:15

The first safe party power results are expected to be released by Singularity at 21:00 and Crusaders at 23:00.

At the European level, today, Sunday, is the culmination of the European elections and, in the 27 member states, the plenary session of the European Parliament, the press room is transformed. Journalists have been sitting in MEPs’ seats since morning to transmit available information on the evolution of the electoral process across Europe and assessments of the new system, at the level of the political groups. European Parliament.

According to official information, the European Parliament is expected to publish the first estimate for the new European Parliament. Political Group Stage 21:15 – 21:45 Greek time, based on the schedule announced by the officials monitoring the results at the headquarters of the European Parliament.

As mentioned, the assessment will be based on a special methodology, pre-election polls and polls available at that time. The assessment will be presented on screens installed in the complete arena, but will also be shared online. And it will be updated regularly.

It is also emphasized that the forecast will be based on the structure of the outgoing EP, as the future composition of the elected EP and its political groups cannot be predicted before it is set up as a body (July 16-19).

Therefore, national parties already represented in the EP are included in the same political group as they were in the outgoing parliament, while national parties not currently represented in the EP are included in a political group if they are formally affiliated with that group. or participate fully as members of a European political party (registered with the Commission for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations).

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The rest of the national parties (those not currently represented in the EP or with an official link to a European political party or political group) will be ranked. In the “other” category, Without pre-determining their political orientation and which political groups they will co-operate with.

Survey and official results

Estimates of the results (exit polls) are also being collected at the European Parliament’s offices in Brussels, and depending on which member states they will or will not take place, the EP’s announcement is estimated to begin after 19:15 Greek time. And, of course, in which member states the referendum will end.

However, according to the clarification, the EP can only publish the official results of the European elections at 23:00 (Central European Summer Time), i.e. midnight, Greek time, when the last polls in Italy close. In particular, the publication of the first official results is expected at 00:15-00:45 Greek time.

The European Parliament publishes data and estimates in all 24 official EU languages ​​on the website: https://results.elections.europa.eu/el/

Finally, the leaders of the political groups of the European Parliament (outgoing) and the leading candidates for the presidency of the European Commission are expected to make statements to the press at the “Konstantinos Karamanlis” bridge in the evening. They will also have live reporting positions stationed on Wiertz Street.