June 23, 2024

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Battles, “bets” and undecided final calculations

Battles, “bets” and undecided final calculations

It’s time for this year’s European elections, and party workers are on high alert. The country is in the polls, while a heat wave blows from Italy. Indecisive people are “key” in battle.

European elections send the nation’s citizens to the polls, gladiators eagerly and party workers making their final calculations. In everything there is hope of an end result. Both the “big” and the “small” of the central political scene believe that in the end the identification will be positive. It remains to be seen how the participation will be and who will abstain. Recent estimates suggest 40-45% voter turnout. If verified, the post-politician years will be much less.

The party executives have been closely scrutinizing the polling for the past few days. Among them, the SW showed steady lead with SYRIZA and PASOK To fight for the second place. Both the KKE and the Hellenic Solution gained strength in connection with the national elections. Satisfaction with findings Victory and Freedom SailingThey hope to succeed in taking office. New Left, MeRA25, Democrats and Voice of Reason They are expected to struggle to reach the 3% threshold.

If estimates of 40%-45% participation are confirmed, this means that only 3.9 to 4.4 million voters out of approximately 9.8 million voters will go to the polls. respectively, A margin of 3% will be confirmed with 117,000-132,000 votes. The electoral scale depends on the sum of the percentages greater than 3% based on which number of seats are determined for each admission. However, this does not automatically mean that any party that exceeds this threshold will receive at least one of the 21 seats to which Greece is entitled in the European Parliament.

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Election analysts estimate that parties with at least 3.1% can win a seat. For the election of the 2nd MEP, a percentage of 7.2% may be required. 3rd place 11.6% and 4th place 16%.

What matters is the attitude of the undecided

The pool of undecideds is in the 12%-14% zone And their final approach will significantly affect the final outcome. They are of various ages and don’t want to open their documents before the election. At the ballot box many people will decide which ballot to choose.

In many regions of the country, battles of particular interest are anticipated and then compared to past electoral contests. Polling stations in Greece are open from 07.00 am to 19.00 pm. Voters can visit the Home Office on Where You Vote digital platform to find their polling station.

Voters can choose from four candidates with a cross-section of preferences. However, if more crosses are placed, the ballot will not be canceled but will only be counted in favor of admission.

European elections and heat waves

The European elections are heating up. Meteorologist Giorgos Satrafilias talks about warm air masses from Italy that will reach our country and bring heat waves to some areas. “This year June seems to emphasize high temperatures, as temperatures above 40 degrees have already been recorded and will continue,” he writes and continues:

“From tomorrow, Sunday 9-6-2024, after creating unbearable heat in our neighboring country Italy, hot African air with dust will gradually start affecting our country as well.”

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It is noteworthy that 1,168 candidates are competing in 21 seats while 31 parties are participating in the European elections. According to officials of the Home Ministry, there will be at least 3 updates on participation in the election process on Sunday at 11.45, 14.45 and 17.45. On Sunday evening at approximately 20.30 – 21.00, the first secure estimate of the final election result will be declared.