June 19, 2024

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Weather: Heat wave turning – forecasters wrong? – Newsbomb – News

Weather: Heat wave turning – forecasters wrong?  – Newsbomb – News

A heat wave of over 40 degrees from Monday – detailed weather forecast Clearchos Marousakis

The weather scenario is changing with a heat wave invading Greece and raising temperatures, although it looks like it won’t be as extreme.

“It’s not something serious, it’s not unprecedented, and in fact the peak of this episode doesn’t seem to be long (we estimate around three days)”, says Clearkos Maroussakis in his post, thereby denying a prediction. Long heat wave 5 days 47 areas.

Gallianos: Pounds come from Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon

As meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos noted in his post, Greece will become “hell on earth” in the next few hours, while hot masses from Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon are expected to invade our country, and temperatures will exceed 44 degrees. !

The meteorologist noted in his note: “With every warning that the forecast landscape is still not fully clear and some data is subject to change, temperatures are expected to exceed 41-42°C during this heat wave and reach 43-44°C in less heat-sensitive areas. Whether the mercury does not reach 44°C or exceeds 44°C “No one can safely say that. On Sunday, I think the forecast landscape will be completely clarified.”

Sunday weather

Generally clear weather With temporary clouds over the continental mountains – mid-afternoon and afternoon semi-mountains, so can be observed Local rain or shower.

The wind They are west and north variable 3 to 4 and east and south from northerly directions 4 to 5 and inland the Aegean blows at 6 Beaufort.

The temperature It is expected to rise slightly. It is 34 to 36 degrees in Ionian and mainland and 37 degrees inland and 30 to 33 degrees Celsius in the rest of the island nation.

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