November 30, 2023

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Every theatergoer’s dream. To play a show, on the same canvas, updated every day with a new number. That is, the Syriza program today!

Without a doubt, the work of the year. In the “heart” of autumn is a spectacular flowering local orange of Fadernus. Not even an order would have been so successful…

The main protagonist is Stefanos Kassalakis, a left-wing president of capitalist and entrepreneurial origins. Otherwise, in Greece the left finally found the president it was looking for. She deserves it.

A worthy successor to Alexis Tsipras, Kassalakis. He has held the leadership of radical leftists and movements without any past in the field or in the party. After all, he was not asked for an ideological passport. He arrived in August in his summer clothes. He simply promised to defeat Mitsotakis. Nothing else. Syriza’s voting members and friends found more than enough. They don’t want to hear anything more. A new youth with no leftist background promised what they were looking for.

Bitter and disillusioned with their former “beloved” Alexis and his constant mishaps, they find themselves in the person of a subversive leader named Stephanos. What if he talks to them less about his life, his partner and politics. If only he could defeat Mitsotakis. You didn’t say that to refuse to vote for Stephanos!

Other party members did not demand anything else from their then-candidate Kassalakis. Like any company looking for its “CEO”, they didn’t look at his background or letters of recommendation. SYRIZA comrades are always tolerant. They don’t want to get tired anyway. The certainty that Ahtsioglou would win was enough for them.

Some within SYRIZA, others openly and others quietly, are treating their new president with contempt today. Bad guy! To think that 15 years ago they adored, followed, admired, and truly and unquestioningly accepted Alexis, despite all the tricks he had in store for them, were utterly ungrateful. He even brought Kammenos to them, and they welcomed him with Tsamikas at Syntagma. Such an enthusiastic submission…

In Greece we tried the unbearable lightness of SYRIZA and leftist ideology. Scary to think about. We were saved from the 100 billion euro “parabola” brought about by Tsipras with his “self-deception”. At a glance, fortunately that happened, and thus we got rid of the “mental” vacuum of the ruling left that torments a section of society.

But, himself, Syriza was not confused with his characteristic lightness. Without thinking, he trusted the first stranger in front of him. Now they are banging their heads against the wall.

That can happen, actually. When the president of SYRIZA exposed his personal life to the highest degree from the first moment of his appearance in politics, he was angry that she and her husband were “dogged” by excessive exposure, and meanwhile he feeds himself to condemn the media, and then everything in SYRIZA is possible and open due to the existing surrealism.

With Kassalakis, Syriza entered the world of capitalism and entrepreneurship more innocently than Tsipras.

The left-wing party “elite” who embraced electoral vandalism see the ideological and political content they hate in the face of Kassalakis!

But the public is important. A left-wing businessman watches an elegant comedy show with SYRIZA leader Kassalakis and wishes he didn’t go down…

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