November 28, 2023

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Marina Eleftheruda was arrested in Paleo Psychiko

Marina Eleftheruda was arrested in Paleo Psychiko

Businesswoman Marina Eleftherudaki was arrested in Paleo Psychico for bad checks and non-payment of wages to her employees.

Marina Eleftheroudaki, the ex-wife of a prominent Athenian businessman and one of Greece’s most popular journalists, was arrested in Paleo Psychiko, reportedly pending charges against her. 22 Best Punishments.

Convictions against him for offenses against the Checks Act and non-payment of employer contributions with total imprisonment. 24 years and 11 months. Total monetary penalty against Marina Eleftheroudakis 38,800 Euros. The arrested woman is expected to appear before the prosecutor tomorrow.

The reason for the arrest of Marina Eleftheroudakis

According to the information, Marina is said to be Eleftheru He continued to issue bad checks To pay the obligations of her business.

It is said that at the same time Not paying salaries to its employees on timePrescribed employer contributions to insurance schemes and employee insurance contributions.

Who is Marina Eleftheruda?

Marina Eleftheroudakis is the ex-wife of Terence Quick, a well-known journalist and former Member of Parliament, and the granddaughter of George Eleftheroudakis, founder of the well-known publications of the same name since 1898.

The publishing house later passed into the hands of Eleftheroudakis’ son. At that time, the scientific and foreign language division of Eleftheroudaki publications was specifically created.

In 1962 The bookstore moved to Nikis Street, He stayed there for over 30 years. However, after 6 years In 1968, the untimely death of the son of the house’s founder, Eleftheroudakis, business Pyrgos established the first branch in Athens and went into the hands of his wife who went on to nearly 20 stores in different areas such as Athens, Thessaloniki.

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The 1995 Eleftheroudakis Publishing Building the country’s first 8-story bookstore on Panepistimi Street in an area of ​​2,300 square meters.

The business was later taken over by the third generation of the family. Sofia and Marina Eleftherugi. A financial crisis followed, which forced the publisher to close its bookstores. Among them is the famous Tower of Athens, but also in Klyfada, Kifisia and Mykonos.

In 2014, the publisher entered the bankruptcy code.