May 21, 2024

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Kasellakis and “Menegaki Ceres”

Kasellakis and “Menegaki Ceres”

the Queen of TV It premiered Sunday night on Turn on the TV Thus began the countdown to find the “next face of Greek television” which is the reality goal.

Among other things, her comeback – somewhat awkward and subdued, which can be attributed to tension – has become a reality. Ioannis Malsko On Greek TV. It became known that the winner would win a one-year contract with the production company “iShe takes it upon herself to build the winner's profile during this period, securing covers and interviews, and looking after her portfolio, and next year she will participate in the presentation on an open TV show of her own convenience.“, according to the channel's general manager, Johnny Calimaris.

It was known that Andreas Microtsikos would take on the role of the school's principal (a position he had “held” in the past in various reality shows), and the four teachers judges who would give advice to the contestants throughout the competition were also introduced. week and live on Sunday they will judge their progress.

A new episode will be shown every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 22.30.

As far as they are concerned Teacher judges She is a beauty and fashion expert. Pantelis totontzis,modeling actor Elena ChristopoulouJournalist and presenter Tasos Tryphonos and “communication expert,” as Malesko put it, Katerina Gajaki. The latter welcomed the presenter of the OPEN TV program, saying: “We've been waiting for you for two years. We're so glad you came.”.

The school principal is Andreas Microtsikoswho sincerely warned against it.”Girls will be pushed to their limits. They came prepared to face confinement. But they will face themselves. First they will see the cameras and understand them. After a while he will forget them, at which point the viewer will be able to count the characters. Competition can become a competition.

In my home office where the girls will be staying, I will try not to be a trigger for them, but a tight knit circle so that we can have them express themselves and not the setup they have done».

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Contrary to what Microtsikos said, girls in each life will be judged by teacher judges. “Everyone generally has a different point of view and aesthetic,” says Kasellakis “”””””””””””””””.

Commenting on the player who studies nutrition and psychology and wants to present a show with social content, Mikrotsikos “appeared” in the studio and Kyriakos MitsotakisTell Katrina,Do you have the same advisor as Kyriakos Mitsotakis? Why do you keep doing that (the characteristic movement of the arms stiff at a 90 degree angle, up and down), which is the Kyriakos constant».

The contestant said,To be honest I haven't watched it. The movement may be due to stress». Microtosicus replied,The fact that you haven't watched it might make me love you».

“Minegaki Series”

Needless to say, all 17 women who will claim the title of TV Queen and the contract with the production company have been introduced. Among them was Olga, who has 17 years of experience in journalism and presentation, at Ceres, where she is known as “Minegaki Series”, Due to many consecutive screen times. She also said that she wants to achieve her dreams and learn more things near accomplished people.

Includes list of participants Jenny Lato, a model and dancer, said, “Sometimes I was in the spotlight but for the wrong reasons.” She was an associate of Pantelis Pantelidis, she said in an interview on Vangelis Arnautoglou's The 2Night Show. She announced on Sunday night that her motto is “A star is born, not made,” confirming that she was born to wear the crown of the Queen of Television.

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Racer Vasilia Niles He grew up in Greece and the United States where he studied molecular biology and filmmaking at UCLA. With her resettlement in Greece, she devoted herself to fashion –As a designer. As she said, her father works for NASA hence her love for space.

In the competitive part, after their presentation (which they also did through a video they prepared on the topic they chose), Triantafilia won the highest number of female players’ preferences, in terms of her performance in the tasks because “she was confident in herself and did it.” “Don’t make a mistake when he speaks quickly.”

Along with Calomera (Not the One You Know) who received the second highest number of preferences, they had immunity in the ensuing vote in which there were four candidates to leave (there were 3 but there was a tie).

Mikroutsikos announced that he will leave the show before the end of 48 hours, in a way that will be revealed today at 22.30.