May 18, 2024

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Eurovision 2023: Kate Garbi’s sharp suspension of 4 in Cyprus

Eurovision 2023: Kate Garbi’s sharp suspension of 4 in Cyprus

In her own way, their singer commented on the four points given by the Greek jury for Cyprus’s participation in this year’s Eurovision.

The fourth place Greece awarded Cyprus in the final of the 67th Eurovision was a surprise.

In particular, the five-member jury gave 12 points to Belgium while Andrew Lambrough, who performed “Broken Heart Break”, gave only 4 points. On the contrary, the 25-year-old Greek TV audience gave the 12th.

The young singer accumulated a total of 126 points and took the twelfth place, just three points out of the top ten.

The four points awarded to Cyprus enraged netizens who could not believe that the Greek committee did not help Cyprus’ participation, and negative comments on social media caught fire.

Greece’s stance also angered Kate Garby. The well-known singer, in her post, denounced what our country is doing, saying, “We have deprived Cyprus of the ten it really deserves, because the Greek committee was not ashamed and gave 4 to Andrew Lambro.” Arrange with your nonsense there to go on like this and in the end let the Cypriots take us back from Halumi to the goddess Anna Vessi! #eurovisiongr.

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