May 21, 2024

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Eurovision 2024: Marina Satti song breakdown

Eurovision 2024: Marina Satti song breakdown

M' is a song with a Greek color called “Zari”. Marina Satti She will represent Greece in the 68th Song Contest EurovisionScheduled to be held in MalmΓΆ, Sweden on May 7, 9 and 11, 2024.

Marina Satti performed the song yesterday in the ERT 1 special show “Eurovision se idon”, together with Fotis Sergolopoulos and Jenny Melita.

The song's video was filmed at locations in Athens, such as the Acropolis, Plaka, Monastiraki and the Herod Atticus Conservatory. To meet the photography needs, the lens also focused on other distinctive areas of Attica, including Omonia, Lykavittos, Rafina and Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. Directed by Australian director Zak Weasel, who edited the video, the country's cultural heritage, history and modern landmarks are highlighted.

The first reactions on social media about the song Greece

The song and music video sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Sati: The piece has different qualities and different worlds, which you can bring to the stage as well

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Marina Satti was on the set of the program to talk about preparations for the Greek participation, two months before the competition.

Speaking at the show, the young singer initially explained that around 200 songs had been submitted to ERT as proposals for this year's Eurovision contest. As she said, she didn't choose any of them and her collaborators, but she was influenced by all of them, both in melody and lyrics.

β€œThe piece has different qualities and different worlds, which you can also display on stage,” he said characteristically. The music for the song “ZARI” was composed by Marina Satti, OGE, KP, Nick Kodonas, Jay Stolar, Gino The Ghost and Jordan Palmer, while the lyrics are signed by VLOSPA, OGE, Marina Satti and Solmeister. The video clip was directed by Australian Zack Weasel.

Along with Marina Satti, the guest of the show was Fokas Evangelinos, who curated the entries that wrote her own Eurovision history.

The choreography is by Majnun Gesar (Majnun), while the art direction is by NMR. Marina Satie will be accompanied by four dancers as she performs on the MalmΓΆ Arena stage.

The semi-finals of the prestigious music competition will be held on May 7 and 9, respectively, in MalmΓΆ, Sweden, the host city of this year's competition. Greece, which completed 50 years since its first appearance in the competition this year, will participate in the second semi-final, while Cyprus will compete with Celia Kapsis and the song β€œLyar” in the first semi-final.

The countries that qualify directly for the final are: France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany, in addition to the host Sweden.

The big concert will take place on Saturday 11 May at the MalmΓΆ Arena with ERT commentators Thanassis Alvaras and Jerome Kalotas.

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