March 4, 2024

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3 + 1 banners are divided in 2023! | Zodiac signs

3 + 1 banners are divided in 2023!  |  Zodiac signs


3 + 1 banners are divided in 2023!

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See what the predictions say and which zodiac signs will have intense friction with your other half. Is it yours too?

The New Year usually brings you new beginnings, as you set many goals and mobilize towards achieving them. Other times you have stars With you and again! Unfortunately, 4 signs will see their relationships fall apart in 2023 and they will break up for good.

Signs of 3 + 1 that will disintegrate in 2023!


The first sign we will unpack in 2023 is Aries! Unfortunately, Saturn in your houses will continue to annoy you. At the same time, Pluto moves into Aquarius and strongly influences your sign, especially if you belong to the first 10 days. The big difficulties will come in March and the period of releasing your feelings will last till June. Pluto will change your relationship or marriage and make you reconsider everything. Most likely, you will experience separation, which will not be rosy at all. Along with your love life, your sex life is also going through a crisis.


Saturn enters Pisces in March, sweeping into your love life! This is because it is in your seventh house and affects your love relationship. At the same time, Saturn brings you major problems and obstacles in other areas of your life. Of course, your bond or marriage will experience the biggest crisis. Your relationship must have very strong foundations in order to overcome obstacles. If it works, it will last forever, if it doesn’t, take time and distance to regroup.


The separation will “touch” you if you belong to Libra in the first 10 days, and if you are born later, you are likely to continue to have a lively anthropopartum with your partner. In our topic now, Libra in the early days is affected by the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius as well as its retrograde course in Capricorn. So your relationship will fall apart and you need to be prepared. However, you do not need to worry if you are married, because your marriage is not in danger. The reason is that Jupiter is in your seventh house and protects your family for a happy ending.

the scorpion

Uranus and Saturn are the two main reasons you see your relationship crumble, because the first is in your seventh house and the second comes from March to the fifth. What does this mean; Your life will be full of twists and turns, and the love sector in your life will be affected by problems and obstacles. Saturn overshadows your happiness, and many issues that arise can distance you from your partner. In other words, it is possible that you will see the end of your relationship or marriage, but what you need to do is fight them to the end, after all, hope always dies last.

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