February 22, 2024

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sportdog.dr | Faye Scorda falls in love again – who is her new lover?

sportdog.dr |  Faye Scorda falls in love again – who is her new lover?

The dazzling broadcaster who changed the page of her life was “trapped” for three months…

It seems that the Sky presenter, two years after the end of her relationship with Nikos Eliopoulos and six years after her divorce from Giorgos Liagas, has turned the page on her personal life.

She herself has been in love with a manager, someone outside the media, for three months, but keeps this feeling a tightly locked secret.

But let us make it clear that the 201 red roses that were sent to her a while ago and she thanked the sender publicly – without revealing him – do not come from her personal relationship, but from the channel director who surrounds her closely. It is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks…

Source: Downtown Magazine

That's why Faye Skorda is the perfect MILF for Greek TV – see her body in a swimsuit (photo)

Fai Skorda has uploaded a new photo from her vacation.

SKAI presenter stands in a summer mood. The mother of Dimitris and Yannis Liagas said goodbye to the audience of the “Our Breakfast” program on Friday. She is now free to live the summer…

enjoy it!

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