February 20, 2024

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“There was something that scared me when he spit on me in the street.”

the George Kramicius Speaking at the show, ERT behind the scenes With Kelly Vranacki about his acting career as well as his most extreme encounters with viewers.

Looking at his television roles, Giorgos Karameikos said that the role of “Aris” in “Joy Café” was one of his most successful roles.

“When I participated in 'Kaffe tis Haras', I didn't have a TV, just as I don't have one now either. Since I was 17, I've never had a TV. I have the set but I've never had an antenna. But I understood this Success from people's reaction. Even now, 21 years after the first show, there are people who call me by the name of the role from “Cafe tis Charas,” as Giorgos Karameikos initially said.

He later mentioned that the role of Aris – who was a harsh character – affected the viewers: “There was even something that scared me then, which was that I was spat on in the street! A woman spat on me there in Iolo, where I was with my dog,” said Giorgos Karameikos.

“He comes up and says to me ‘Fuck you, old boy.’ I was wondering what I was doing or if he mistook me for someone else. He told me ‘Because of what you’re doing to Proteosiana’ because it was played the day before I cuckolded Proteosiana in the previous episode,” Giorgos said. Karameikos about the incident: “But he spat in my face normally, with saliva, in my face.”