May 22, 2024

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Excitement at the Last Jukebox – “Where Are You Going” by Alexiou

Excitement at the Last Jukebox – “Where Are You Going” by Alexiou

The end credits four years after the musical dropped it “Music box”the musical presentation of ERT with Nikos Portokaloglou and Rina Morvis.

Sunday's final episode was particularly emotional, with… Milto Pascalidis And the Natasha Pofilio To be the last two guests of the show that brought down the curtain with beautiful performances, but also with memories from her own “journey”. This was also the song… by Nikos Portokaloglos that they performed at the end to bid farewell to the TV audience.

The two presenters did not hide their excitement, reviewing from the “Music Box” the guests who attended the show, the stories they heard, but above all the songs and melodies that accompanied the rich musical evenings.

“The jukebox is coming to an end because I really feel like the circle is closing and because I have to deal with my job a little bit, which is songwriting. I started making the record four years ago and I still haven't been able to finish it. Also, with every new project, there's a moment where you feel… The circle is closing in many ways for you,” Nikos Portokaloglou, among others, admitted:

“I want people who loved the show to understand that because a lot of people stop me in the street and tell me ‘don’t stop.’ But honestly, my need is to get back to where I am. In the songs, in the recordings, in the creation.”

“Thank you very much to all of you who have loved us and accompanied us all these years from all over the world,” said an emotional Rina Murphy at the end, while Nikos Portokaloglou added: “Thank you for the strength, inspiration and love.” We got it all four years.”

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Alexio: “Guys, where are you going?”

There was also a special intervention during the presentation before Harris Alexiowho wanted to say “goodbye” to this music together.

“When the show started I said to myself: 'Guys, there's something going on here that I really like.' Well done Nico, well done Rina, well done to all the children. To the musicians, to ERT, to the production. You have given us very beautiful things, nice artists, And a beautiful point of view, a fresh point of view, and it's important to all of us that not only does the show start well but also what happens during it, how does this show end?

I don't like it to end because the song never ends. Song history is constantly being written, new artists and creators are coming and we want them in attendance. Unfortunately, there aren't many shows that show us these people and their creativity because it's worth it. It's our history, it's our tourism, it's the best we can do in our art.

Guys, where are you going? sit here! Sit! What you start, doesn't have to end.” Harris Alexio said.