June 26, 2024

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Kate Middleton: This is the food you can't eat

Kate Middleton: This is the food you can't eat

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We heard that too! the Kate Middleton She cannot eat a certain type of food, not because of her health problem, but because of a centuries-old tradition in the royal family.

A former royal chef has claimed that the Windsor family, including Kate, never choose square-shaped snacks such as toast, and that this strange habit goes back a long time.

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Graham Newbold explained that Kate and other members of the royal family avoid this type of sandwich because of an old superstition. The chef, who worked for many years at Kensington and Buckingham Palace, explained the unusual rule in a documentary titled Secrets of the royal kitchen.

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“Royals never eat square sandwiches, because tradition says that anyone who serves them food with pointed edges is trying to dethrone the throne,” the chef explained. He added that in all the years he worked with the British royal family, he had never handed a plate with corners to the late Queen, yet she accompanied her tea with toast.

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The Sun reported that there was another reason why Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, was upset about the shape of his food: “Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, is believed to have followed the same superstitious beliefs because he believed coffin eating mixed food brought bad luck.”

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