July 14, 2024

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Exclusive debut of Windows 11 24H2, via Copilot + PC – Windows

Exclusive debut of Windows 11 24H2, via Copilot + PC – Windows

Those who don’t have a Copilot+ PC can watch demos 24 hours a day, but it’s probably pointless.

Microsoft has released a 24H2 build of Windows 11, but for now it’s exclusively for Copilot+ PCs, at least officially.

This means that initially, the 24H2 update is only available to those with specific devices, namely Windows on Arm laptops based on the new Snapdragon X processors, and not for other PCs.

These new PCs will be released today, June 18, and when owners activate them, they will be running the 24-hour build and will immediately integrate the KB5039239 update (aka the June rollup).

Those who don’t have a Copilot+ computer can download and run update KB5039239, but only under Windows Insider status. In other words, 24H2 is available as a beta (26100.863) and can be found in the Release Preview channel.

As pointed out by Windows Latest, which first discovered this development, if one tries to run the beta on a shared computer (i.e. not Copilot+) they may encounter a number of errors, more than are found in a regular beta (and certainly more than one could expect in Release a preview version of the software, which, as the name suggests, is the last step before that version is made available to everyone).

If you’re afraid you’ll miss out without Windows 11 24H2, you’re probably right to be concerned. As it turns out, this version is intended for a specific generation of computers, and although one can see it on an AMD or Intel processor-based computer, the new features are few and far between anyway. It’s worth noting here that Copilot+ PC’s much-publicized new feature, Recall, has now been retired and is being put into testing for the foreseeable future.

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Currently, what 24H2 is doing is fixing some bugs, including making sure that games using BattlEye security software will be able to run normally on Windows on Arm computers. Some security tweaks are also included.

But there is one major change to Copilot, which will evolve into an “experience app.” In practical terms, this means that it will be possible to treat the digital assistant like any other app in Windows 11. In other words, you can move the Copilot window, close it, resize it, etc. – rather than locking it permanently. On the screen side – but even this development is something one should definitely not have, here and now.

When 24H2 launches, likely in September if the rumors are confirmed (although it could date back to 2024), it will include several features, though some will remain exclusive to Copilot+ PC, like the aforementioned Recall.

So, for now, you don’t miss anything special, and the fact that this preview build is back for testing is a good sign for everyone regarding the Windows 11 24H2 release time frame. Testing of the preview build has been suspended due to several serious bugs, so much so that there was a high possibility of a delay. 24H2 release, but now having it in the Release Preview channel is a positive sign that things are going smoothly and that the software’s final release schedule is up for grabs.

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