February 5, 2023

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Exemplary family man while alive, serial rapist after death

During his long career he was known by many nicknames: in the 1980s, he was “Centenary Park Rape». In the 1990s, “Bondi rapist». The “Tracksuit Rapist” was her nickname after multiple rapes in 2000. Then 16 years later she became known as “Bodi monster».

Of course, he is the only one Keith Sims He knew those nicknames were about him. To his friends and family, he was ‘Magoo’ – a devoted husband, father and grandfather. With his local, “happy” marriage, it ended He died peacefully in February of kidney failure aged 66Surrounded by his family.

At his funeral mass held at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Malabar Australia On March 4, Sims was described as a “good-hearted hero” and a father figure who enjoyed playing football, partying and supporting his favorite team.

However, within a few months, the image was broken by the tide, which the police revealed DNA This corresponds directly to samples taken from 12 rape victims A total of 31 is considered responsible Rapes Between 1985 and 2001 in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

40-year-old’s DNA points to brutal serial rapist

All of his heinous crimes took place in the same pattern around Sydney’s eastern suburbs of Bondi Beach. Armed with knives, Sims would attack women and young women in their homes late at night or early in the morning. He would put his hand over their mouth, threaten to kill them with a knife and rape them. In other cases, Women are targeted in isolated areas People who were walking or running alone.

Detective Inspector Shelley Jones, who worked so hard to solve the serial rape case, said the brazen and brutal nature of Sims’ attacks shocked even the most hardened detectives. “I’ve never seen a trial with the number and type of crimes committed in this trial,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald. She continued: “It’s a woman’s worst nightmare: waking up in the middle of the night and someone standing over her in a balaclava with a knife.”

Bondi Beach in Sydney

Over the years, police in New South Wales have launched more than 30 investigations to find out who was behind the rapes that terrorized local women. A An important breakthrough occurred in 2016, DNA samples taken from rape incidents — some dating back 40 years — were linked to Sims’ male relative. From this evidence, the researchers were able to synthesize “Family tree” with 324 menOne of them turned out to be the “Bandy Monster”.

“Through a lot of hard work and real dedication to uncovering the identity of a serial rapist from the Sex Crime Squad, we have been able to identify DNA over the last six years,” said Jane Doherty, Head of the Sex Crimes Unit. “No two people share the same DNA, which is why we were able to come up with this one.”


Relief to late victims

Doherty said even if it takes more time to bring Sims to justice — it may never happen Officials still need to notify victims They were convinced Sims was the rapist because “women walking down the street were still thinking: Is that him?”

Today Jennifer, 69, has spoken of the moment she was told last month that the man who raped her in her home in 1987 had finally been identified. “I was in tears,” she said. “It was very emotional. It’s not something you can forgive or forget. Because I will never forget or forgive him for changing my life and everyone else’s life. Who gave him the right to do this?’

Another victim, Jay, who was brutally gang-raped while walking on Bondi Beach and pregnant when she was just 16, said she was “relieved” to find her rapist dead. “Well,” he said, “he can’t hurt anybody else. I’m not a terrible person, but I hope he’s suffered.’

Some of the Sims victims They were visiting Bondi area from abroad. All the women who reported being assaulted by Sims, both overseas and in Australia, have been told by police that their rapist has finally been identified. Police believe there may be more victims who were assaulted by Sims, but did not report them at the time because they were traveling or did not want to go through the hassle of the court system.


40 years in hiding and unpunished

Sims’ own family, including his three children and five grandchildren, He is now aware of his shocking, criminal double life They try to manage it.

Those who knew him could not understand how Sims, a former National Wildlife Park worker and golf club employee, could commit such an atrocity. He has never been in trouble with the law for serious crimes and has no mental illness, drug or alcohol problems. “As far as we know, in all the investigations, he was not focused or objective for any reason, so it helped that he remained anonymous,” Doherty said.

Anonymous and invisible for over 40 years and finally unpunished by justice…

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