March 4, 2024

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Volos: Jobless Father Who Lived in Garbage Died Alone – His Shocking Story

Volos: Jobless Father Who Lived in Garbage Died Alone – His Shocking Story

The story of a 55-year-old unemployed father who lost his life BulletHe lived in poverty.

As reports, the 55-year-old lived without electricity and water for eight years. He has not bathed in five years. He lived primitively in the densely populated Volos.

Zacharias had two children and his siblings lived near him. He passed out in a trash-filled room that had been his home and died alone in a hospital. Since no one cares, his funeral will be carried out by the city.

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The 55-year-old’s miserable living conditions – he grew up with hardships

His story transcends any screenplay. For his survival, that is, to secure food, he ate in Chisitas of the metropolis, and some neighbors accepted the role of the state for years, because he lived on 200 euros for social solidarity.

Zacharias was 55 years old and unemployed. Work, due to age, he could not find, although he performed perfectly. He collected scrap metal from a supermarket and sold it with a trolley. For a roof he had a small verandah of a house, which his parents had arbitrarily closed when they got married, and this place was called a room. Every day a neighbor woman counted an extra plate for Zacharias from the people who lived opposite her, and they took turns serving him food.

He grew up without any supportive environment, his mother died at the age of 38 and his father started a new family, Zacharias was literally forgotten in the illegal cell, starved and institutionalized. As the rest of the house was locked, his brothers did not allow him to enter. Growing up in the neighborhood of Chiliados, Zacharias never left, and that’s why everyone knows him.

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The 55-year-old grew up alone and had two children from his short marriage, whom he left in an orphanage with his wife. His wife passed away with severe mental health issues.

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“I can’t live with them, what can I do,” she said of her children, who grew up without a family, their parents alive and living in the same city. His son is now 24 and left for England as an adult to escape, while his daughter is 20. At the age of 18, he left the orphanage and had no contact with her.

“You get used to everything. I am neither cold nor hot. I drink water from the neighbor’s tap. I use bottles for the toilet and I haven’t showered in five years. When I don’t have food, it doesn’t bother me. Everything is a habit. I can work, but no one wants me,” he told

No one helped the 55-year-old in Volos

The impoverished 55-year-old collapsed on October 16 last when he went to leave the key to the door of the warehouse where he lived. He fell into weakness and began to cry “Help,” but no one in the neighborhood could help him, for he could not get up from the floor to open the door. An ambulance was immediately called and the police rushed in and broke down the door.

“We should be ashamed to be human,” shouted his neighbor, who was one of the few who offered him food, while the EKAV rescue team set up a “special operation” to find him in the garbage, according to the same information.

A well-known incident in the social services of 55-year-old Volos, they know that he lives in garbage, does not receive food unless neighbors or the city gives it to him, but there was. There was no reaction to help him. He cooled down alone in the Volos hospital on November 25.

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